Friday, September 26, 2008 about busy!

See what happens when I have work to do?!?!
Damn job...interfering with my blogging.

Granted, I've taken time to visit my daily 'haunts', but I haven't a free minute to write.
Speaking of my daily haunts; one of the blogs that read daily (and love) gets very chatty about football as the weekend approaches. Specifically college the South.
I think you know who you are. :-)

I only bring this up because it makes me totally aware of how CLUELESS I am when it comes to football. I have no problem following the game, but there are certain specific things I just don't get. For example, I'm not always sure why they choose to make some of the plays they make?!?! I'm following along just fine, then I expect them to do one thing and then out of nowhere, they do something completely different. Granted, I'm not always wrong - because the people watching the game with me start screaming about how bad the play was...but I'm never sure that I'm right until others start yelling about it. Weird.

My 'cluelessness' aside, I love the fact that there are so many gay men out there who follow football religiously and CLEARLY have a huge love for the game. Reading their posts and comments about the specific teams and rivalries tends to amaze me. Most times I seriously have no idea who the teams are that they're referring to! Because they're college teams, they use all sorts of abbreviations. In most cases I can figure it out, but then they start talking about referring to them only by their mascots and then I'm done for!!! Anyway...I think it's awesome.

I suppose it's no different than my discussions about theatre that tend to leave a lot of people scratching their heads as well.
I suppose we all have our passions.
As long as your passionate about something, you're OK.

So, it's past 3:30 on a Friday afternoon and I'm just now finishing up my blog entry for the day.
Apparently time DOES fly when you're having fun! (that's called sarcasm)

Have a good lots of football and I hope whatever team you're rooting for gets a basket!!! ;-)

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