Friday, September 12, 2008

Busy Little Beaver

Gross....I said beaver.

Anyway - I'm TOTALLY busy this morning and have a ton of work to do, but I wanted to at least write something to start off my morning. It makes me feel better.

I have to go to Williams-Sonoma later on this morning to return a piece of cookware that has gone to the dogs. Specifically, it's a Calphalon One Nonstick Saute Pan. Now, this is an AMAZING pan. However, the non-stick surface is no longer sticking to the pan. :-) Small problem.
Since Calphalon has a lifetime guarantee for all their cookware, I'm bringing that shit back and gettin' myself a new pan! Actually, it's not really for 'me' since I'm not the cook in the house, that would be Jim. But it was a wedding present, so it's still mine. Not that I've ever used it....but I could if I wanted to. Really, I could.
Anyway...I work right above a mall, and there's a Williams-Sonoma in said mall, so it's super easy for me to stop in and make the exchange. Although, I will admit it was a 'tad' inconvenient this morning trying to navigate through the subway carrying this big old pan, but the end result will be worth it. I'll be sure and let you know how that goes....hopefully it won't be too traumatic and can return it without incident.

In other news, the monitor for my PC at home is dead. WHAT?!?! How irritating. The thing that annoys the tar out of me is that I can't access any kind of 'fun' sites here at work (Facebook, YouTube, etc..) so I usually visit them at some point in the evening when I get home. Now I can't even do that?!!? Ridiculous. Thankfully, Jim is going to try and bring his monitor home from work, so that will at least be a short-term solution. It actually works out well because he won't need it at all next week, since he's going to be in Germany.

Yes, that's right. Germany.

Jim is going to Ger-ma-ny. He's leaving on Sunday and won't be back until Friday night. I'm a little jealous and already I'm completely overwhelmed at the thought of being a single parent for the week. I'm sure it'll be fine and at the very least make for some very entertaining blogging. OK, at least it'll be entertaining to me.
However, if he's going to be gone for a week and I'm monitor-less - I'm totally screwed.
Well, that's not entirely true....he's not taking his personal laptop with him, so I can use that...but I like MY computer....(insert whining baby noise).

Ta-ta for now (who's gay?) .
I'll write in a little while to keep you abreast (first beaver, now breast? What the hell?) of the Williams-Sonoma situation.

Don't forget, party at my house next week - Sunday through Friday.

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Jim Sullivan said...

Keep busy, little beaver, and I will be home soon enough. Love, Monkey Boy.