Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Under the Wire

This marks my third post in January.  Yikes.
There was a time when I'd have MANY posts in one month, but sadly, those days are behind me.
Apparently writing three posts a month is all I can muster.  :-)

That being said, everything is just fine with me and the family.  We've all been battling colds for about three weeks, with each of us taking turns getting sick, and none of us ever truly feeling 100%, so that's been fun. 
 But Zachary is great and getting bigger and bigger every day.

Work is work.  We had a 'town hall' meeting yesterday where we were given lost of information that no one really understood.  I'm looking forward to my team meeting tomorrow where we'll probably get some understandable information.  I think that we all may be reporting to a new director, but there was so much talking around in circles yesterday, that I'm honestly not sure if that's really happening or not.
At least I'm not alone.  I asked several co-workers who were on the same call as me, and they're not sure what's going on either.
Whatever....I'll deal with it when the time comes!!

Other than work and family stuff, nothing too exciting has been going on.  I had a fun weekend last weekend.  I was up in NH for the day, visiting a college friend and seeing her daughter in a dance 'preview' before their competition season gets up a running.  It was a fun afternoon, and there were lots of talented kids in their dance school, including FOUR boys.  Granted, two of them were the owner's sons, but still.  They were there, they were dancing, and they were really good.
That night, I got together with some local theatre friends to see a local 'cabaret' show.  I went for the first time last year, but some of them have been going for 10+ years.  This was the 50th anniversary of the show, and let me just say - there are some people who have appeared in every single one of them since the first year.  Yikes.
It was a really good time though, spent with some really great friends.

That's all I have to report for now.....I'll be catching up on my blog reading today, so some of you may be hearing from me.  :-)

PS - I turn 40 in 11 days.  Let the countdown begin!!!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Awesome Husband Alert!

I'm not one for lovey-dovey posts (as you probably know) but I have to say how amazingly awesome Jim is. 

Not only is he a GREAT stay-at-home dad (God knows I couldn't do it) but he's just an overall great person who makes me happier than anyone else in my life. 

This morning around 4am I woke up to use the bathroom, and noticed that it had snowed a considerable amount over night.  When I got back into bed, Jim was awake and I mentioned the fact that it had snowed, and I was not at all happy about that fact. Considering the fact that I had NO gas in my car (don't tell my dad!) I knew I wouldn't be able to let it warm up while I cleaned it off, and I was immediately irritated.
Well, while I was in the shower, Jim got up, cleaned off my car, and filled the tank!  By the time I was ready to leave the house, I was able to let the car warm up and not have to worry about running out of gas!!!

Isn't that just the nicest?!?!?

That's all I have to post about today. 
I'm here at work and hoping for a quiet day. (fingers crossed)

Happy Birthday to fellow blogger sfmoby!!!  Stop by his blog and wish him well.  :-)

Happy Friday!!!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

First post of 2012

Whoops!!!  Look at that....it's already January 17th and I'm just getting around to writing my first post of the year. 

I hope you all had an EXCELLENT New Year's Eve and that 2012 is treating you well so far.
Things around here are great.

Jim, Zachary, and I spent New Year's Eve up in NH with our friends John, Leah and their kids, as well as a group of their kid's friends from (high) school.  It was a very fun, laid back night, and nice to get away - even if it was just overnight.  We spent the night in a hotel not too far from their house, got up on New Year's Day and went out for breakfast at a nice little place in their town.

Since then, we've just been living life, going to work, getting things done around the house,etc...etc...

We celebrated Zachary's first birthday this past weekend - yes, he turned ONE on Wednesday.  Can you even believe it?!?!?  It amazes me how quickly the year went by.  One year ago tomorrow (1/18) is the day that we brought him home for the very first time.  Looking back on it, I can't believe that he's been with us for a year already...it seems like it just happened.  Apparently time DOES fly!  ;-)

His First birthday party was a success and I think he had a great time.  We certainly did!  It was short and sweet (who the heck wants to spend hours at a one year old's birthday party?!?!) and I think that everyone who came had a lot of fun.

Here are some pictures from his birthday, as well as the party (Jim made all the cupcakes, which were crazy-good):


We also had a one year old photo shoot, with all photos taken by Barrie Smith Photography....as always.  :-)  Here are a few of those: