Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Gay Clay, The Red Sox and the Golden Gate...

A few random thoughts this Wednesday

Clay Aiken is gay. Now, I’m not at all surprised to hear that news, but I was kind of surprised that he came out via the cover of People magazine. I’m not sure if he ever denied the fact that he was gay or was one of those people who would never give a ‘straight’ (get it??) answer when the question of his sexuality came up. Honestly, I’ve never kept tabs on Clay Aiken. I do know that he just returned to Broadway in ‘Spamalot’….which is cool. And he can certainly sing well, which is also a good thing.
Either way, I’m glad he came out. Maybe some little, gay fan of his will now see that being gay is OK and he’ll follow in Clay’s footsteps.

Moving on…

Did I mention that I’m doing a show? I think I may have mentioned it briefly at one point before. It’s a little cheese-ball musical (and I mean that in the nicest way possible) called ‘The Butler Did It Singing’, It’s being performed as part of a fundraising evening for a local community college. I’ve done the show before – which is totally random – and since a friend is directing it, she asked if I’d be a part of it. Given that it’s only rehearsing 3 days a week for about 4 weeks and it’s only one weekend of performances (2 shows), I said I would do it. As it turns out, the cast is full of fantastically talented people that I’ve either done shows with before, or have ‘seen their work’ (that's pretentious theatre talk for ‘I’ve seen them in a show before.”) So it doesn’t really feel like rehearsal….it’s more like a spending time with friends, where the end result is a show. Oh – and it’s all about 10 minutes from my house, which is totes awesome. (That was for all you teens out there…just tryin’ to be ‘hip’)

The Red Sox are in the playoffs!!!! Not only do we get to watch more baseball, but we get to be even MORE stressed while doing it. Yay!!!
Yikes…I hope they do well. I’m sure they will…I have COMPLETE faith in them. Gooooo Sox!!!!

One last comment…Jim and I may be taking a little trip to San Francisco in November. Jim is going to be out there for a conference and depending on how much flights are, I may be joining him. This will be his fourth time there, and my first. I’ll keep you posted as to whether or not I’m going.
To all the people in San Francisco reading my blog: (Anybody? Nobody.)
If I come for a visit, I’ll expect a detailed list of things to do and exciting things to see.
Get on that. Thanks.

Have a great day!!!! :-)

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