Friday, August 29, 2008

Testing 1..2..3...

I'm writing this for two reasons.

1. I want to see what happens when you write 2 entries on the same day.
2. I don't like the idea of going into a long weekend with 13 blog entries out here.

And now back to your regularly scheduled program.

Ghost Town

First of all, I will no longer comment on the Red Sox until after they win (or lose)...sorry guys. :-)

Second of all, it is a GHOST TOWN here this morning. Granted, it's still early - but my goodness! There was hardly anyone on the trains this morning and barely any 'foot traffic' getting from the train station to work. Crazy. Of course, it is the Friday before a long weekend, so I'm not all that surprised.

I don't have a lot to say this morning, other than the fact that is is FRIDAY and I'm totes excited. The use of 'totes' was for all you hip kids that read this blog. What? No hip kids are reading my blog? Well that's sad. Anyhoo...I'm very excited that it's Friday. Jim and I have a crazy, fun-filled weekend coming up which means you'll have a lot to read about on Tuesday morning.
Scooter was groomed yesterday, so he's all handsome and clean for the upcoming weekend as well.

Since I don't have much to say this morning, I'll entertain y'all with some photos...thanks to B for the third one down...stolen directly from her blog. :-)

Everyone have a safe, and happy (LONG) weekend!!!!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Goooo Sox!!!!

Yay Red Sox!
Although I haven't watched the past couple of games, I'm thrilled to hear that they're spanking the Yankees. Hopefully they'll keep it up and finish them off tonight.
Has anyone else noticed that Jason Varitek's playing has GREATLY improved since he announced his divorce? Coincidence? I think not. More on that later.

If you know me, you know that I'm a huge fan of Google Images. One of my favorite things to do is to add a little 'spice' to my emails by throwing in a random image now and again. For example, in a recent conversation with my friend Kevin, we were discussing the possibility of his good friend from Florida coming up for a visit. At one point in our conversation, I threw in this little gem to keep things fun.

I think he appreciated it. My friend from college (Kerry) bears the brunt of my Google Images, but I have to be careful what I send her, since she works at a high school. I'd hate to send her something like this and have her get in trouble.

My final thought for the day is a mini-rave for someone who I find HILARIOUS and super-entertaining. His name is Seth Rudetsky and you can read all about him here:
He's an author, Sirius Radio host, actor, pianist, and a whole lot more. He has a ton of videos on YouTube where he will 'deconstruct' singers (mostly Broadway types) in which he picks out the most SPECIFIC things they do and he completely obsesses about them. I love it. It's something I've done my entire life. Not surprisingly, I've met very few people who share my excitement over such things. I'm referring to things like; listening to one note, word or phrase over and over again because it's just that amazing, fun, and/or horrible.

Go to YouTube, search for Seth Rudetsky and watch all his videos...then buy both his books. Then read his weekly column ('Onstage & Backstage') at
Tell him that 'John in Boston' sent you.

Follow up to the cobbler yesterday: I now understand why no one goes to them anymore. They wanted to charge me $60 to reattach the heel/sole of my shoe. No f'ing way. I went home and Crazy Glued it myself. Piss off old timey businesses. If it's cheaper for me to buy a brand new pair of shoes rather than have you fix my old ones, you need to do some 'price adjusting'.

To all the folks in New Orleans who are gearing up for Southern Decadence this weekend I hope you all stay safe, and that Gustav keeps the hell away. For those of you who don't know what Southern Decadence is, you should Google it and read all about it. I'd never heard of it until last week. Let's just say it sounds....very fun - to say the least. :-)

Happy Thursday!!!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Random Tid-Bits

On Monday morning, a woman wait, running down the stairs to get to the Red Line platform slipped and fell. HARD. I'm not sure why she was running, since there wasn't a train approaching, but for some unknown reason she was hauling ass. She had a big ol' purse thrown over her right shoulder, a lunch bag (or something similar) in her right hand and a medium hot coffee from Dunkin' Donuts in her left hand. Because of this, when she lost her footing on the step, she had no way to stop herself. She went down, landing on her ass, slid a few steps and then managed to stop herself by CRUSHING the coffee into the railing along the way. Seriously, the Styrofoam cup shattered (as much as Styrofoam can) and coffee went everywhere. Since there was a railing separating us - I was walking down the left side (there were no people coming up, so I wasn't in any one's way) - all I could do was stop to make sure she was ok. She was fine...other than being covered in coffee, most likely a tad sore from the initial fall, and extremely embarrassed. She managed to get up (leaving the shattered coffee cup behind - litterbug) and pulled herself together. It was very exciting....and I didn't even laugh. Until I talked to Jim later that morning and re-told the story. THEN I laughed.

This morning I encountered two men (not together) on the same Orange Line train singing out loud while listening to their iPods. I then passed by another man in the Copley Mall sitting on the chairs by the escalator doing the exact same thing. Three men, all wearing headphones, all singing out loud. And they were all doing that thing that makes me insane. (As if singing along to music only they can hear isn't annoying enough) They were all singing in a quiet, crazy falsetto, with horrible diction so it was like "Am I hearing things? Or is someone singing?". Irritating.
Note to the headachey, headphone wearing subway singers: If you're going to sing along to your iPod, take it down the octave. And try consonants...they're there for a reason.

There's a man who works the overnight shift here (in systems) and every morning when I'm coming into work he's leaving for the day. Or is it night? My day, his night. Anyway...the thing that gets me is, he's about 5 feet tall (if that) and he's always wearing the same thing. Dirty, filthy, pants that are seriously about 4 sizes too big for him, held up by suspenders. And when I say held up, I MEAN held up. Like, clown pants, as in - if the suspenders were ever to fall off his shoulders, he's be pants-less. He wears these same pants every day along with a filthy, dirty t-shirt to match. It's insane. I mean, I totally get it. He works overnight, so it doesn't make sense for him to have a 'dress code'. However, when the homeless guy who's getting his coffee next to me at Au Bon Pain looks better than one of my co-workers....something needs to be done.

I'm bringing my shoes to the cobbler today at lunch. Isn't that FUN?!?! Who the hell goes to a cobbler in 2008??? I love's so old-timey. "I'll be right back, I have to drop my shoes off at the cobbler." "I'm running a few errands at lunch, dropping off the dry cleaning, running to the post office, and stopping by the cobbler...hold my calls."
Anyway, I have a pair of shoes that are in perfect condition except that the sole is coming off a bit at the heel on my right shoe. It seems like it should be a cheap and easy fix so I'm CERTAINLY not throwing them out when I can have them cobbled!
Is cobble a verb? It is now.

Happy Hump Day!! (that's dirty)

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Funky Town

I’m in a bit of a ‘funk’.
Yes, it’s true.
Happy-go-lucky John is not “feelin’ it” these days. (It happens people, it happens.)
The thing that’s totally getting me down is my job.
Here are a few facts.

I may ok money…nothing great, nothing horrible, but it’s fine.
I commute every day from East Bridgewater to Boston, which breaks down to 50 minutes on the commuter rail, followed by another 20 minutes on the subway (taking the Red Line one stop to the Orange Line, then taking that 3 stops to work). I leave the house at 5:55am and get home at 5:35pm
I like the people I work with.
My job isn’t ‘difficult’. In other words, I’m not up at night worrying about how to do what I do and I don’t spend time at work trying to figure out how to do my job.
I couldn’t care less about what I’m doing.
I don’t get excited about coming to work.

I honestly think that the last time I was genuinely excited about going to work was back in 1995. Thirteen years ago. (Wow) Now, that’s not to say that I’ve spent every day for the past 13 years in a state of misery…but to be 100% honest, I haven’t looked forward to going to work in a long time.
Back then I was working as the Assistant Company Manager at the North Shore Music Theatre. Even though I was making NO money and working ALL the time, I went to work every day and was thrilled to be there.

I left that job because I was afraid of the ‘unknown’. I was working as the Assistant, and since my boss wasn’t returning, they wanted me to move up and become the Company Manager. Granted, I was only 23 years old at the time, so I think I was a tad young for the job. But more so, I was terrified of being in charge and didn’t know how to deal with change.

Looking back on it, I think I should have stuck it out and gave it a chance. I mean, here’s a huge, well-known theatre, and the Production Manage at the time, CLEARLY trusted me and thought I could do the job. Should he have pushed me more to take the job? Should he have been more encouraging? Who can say? Looking back on it, and thinking about who I was at that time in my life, I definitely think I made the right decision.

So here I am today, working for yet ANOTHER financial institution and not really caring about what I’m doing, but sticking with it until I figure out what the next step is.
Don’t get me wrong…I’m not saying that I need to have some earth-shattering “I’m going to make a difference in the world!!” type of job. That’s hardly the case.
What I really want is to wake up in the morning and be excited about going to work each day.
I don’t want to give the impression that I’m miserable. Believe me, I know plenty of people who HATE their jobs because they work with awful people, or they’re under a lot of pressure and stress. I’m not one of those people. All I want is a job that makes me happy…and pays me a lot of money. :-)

Monday, August 25, 2008

[tos]ome weekend.

The horrible thing about weekends is that they inevitably lead to Monday mornings. Poop.

My weekend was GREAT. After leaving this hell hole (know as work) on Friday afternoon, I came home to dinner on the table, my darling husband, and my ridiculously adorable dawg.
After eating, I hung around for a while, then made the trek into Boston to meet up with Kevin and Matt for a drink or 50. I met them at Anchovies on Columbus Ave and after a while, we headed over to Fritz. I love Fritz. Not only is it a place where you're bound to see some people you know (or see some people you know, bound), but it's a totally relaxed bar where you don't feel the pressure to be all primped and pretty....unlike that 'other' place - which feels more like the make-up counter at Saks than a gay bar. No thank you...if I'm out to have fun, I don't want to worry about what I look like. Anyway, we ran into a gang of softball friends and some other random folks we all knew, so it was fun. I ended up leaving a little before 1am, since it's such a long-ish ride home. It's not THAT long really (about 45 minutes), but at that hour it might as well be 3 hours. I love going out with Kevin and Matt...they're fun - and can drink like sailors.

Saturday was CRAMAZING (crazy/amazing). Jim and I got up early, packed up Scooter's overnight bag (who said we were gay?) and started our long-ass, fun day. We dropped Scooter off at Classie Canines for the night (he was excited out of his mind, as usual) and then we began the trip to NYC.
Cut to about 4 hours later...the ride was fine and fairly uneventful with a stop or two along the way...nothing interesting. We arrived in Manhattan at about 12:30, so we were getting hangry (hungry/angry) and were looking to eat lunch. Now, I know we're going to come off as super-touristy, but save your judgment for someone who cares. :-) We decided to grab lunch at the Olive Garden in Times Square. I know, I know....we're in NYC where there are a million and ten great places to eat, so why would we go to a place where we can go any day of the week? Well, it's pretty simple. We needed to pee, we've been there before so we knew what to expect, and given it's location - it's super-duper people watching territory. For the record, the food was very good and at least it wasn't TGI Fridays or Sbarro. After lunch, Jim and I walked around for a bit since we still had time to kill before the 3pm show. We walked around and looked at all the theatres, took a walk up to and through Central Park and then headed to the theatre.

As far as [title of show] is concerned, I loved it more than I ever thought I would. I mean, I knew I would love it - but it was SO much more than I expected. It was funny, touching, exciting and the cast was simply amazing - I couldn't have asked for anything more. Each cast member was great in their own way...and together they made the perfect little show. I was happy to see that Jim really enjoyed it too. I knew that I would, because I'm a complete musical theatre freak - but Jim, although a musical theatre fan, is not as crazy/obsessed with random theatre-y facts like I am. Even though there were a few 'insidery' things that he missed, it didn't make him feel left out or excluded from the overall story. I loved it and I think that anyone reading this should go see it as soon as possible. And bring a lot of people with you...they'll totally love it.

I did the stage door thing - and while I was a tad worried about coming off as a complete loon, I'm so glad I didn't worry about it and just did it. Let me just say - it was a blast. All 4 of them (5 including the pianist/5th cast member, Larry) were SOOO nice and totally knew who Jim and I were. Granted, I have been a fan of theirs (and their blog) for a while now. For about a year and a half, (long before this Broadway 'thing' happened) I'd been in email/Facebook contact with them every so often. They were well aware that there was a 'John in Boston' that was a crazy [tos] fan...and they all knew who Scooter was, because I has sent them a picture or two of him as well. Anyway...they all came out and said how nice it was to meet us, how great it was that we made the trip for the day and craziest of all, they all asked how Scooter was!! It was very fun to talk to them about the show, the changes that they made and of course, how much we loved it. They are a great group of people. After talking to them all, Jim and I went to go but some [tos] merchandise, but they had already closed up shop for the afternoon. Damn it.
We ended up walking around for a little bit to check out some of the suggestions Heidi made(yes, Heidi gave us several suggestions for places to eat dinner - crazy), but ended up at some random place (The Brooklyn Diner) which was actually quite good. After dinner, we decided to head back over the the theatre and give the merchandise buying another shot. Thankfully, they were already selling stuff before the 8pm show (it was just about 7pm at this point) so we each bought a t-shirt, we bought a magnet, and 2 [tos] pencils. Good Times. Now that we had some [tos] goodies, we made one last trip to the boy's room and hit the road.
Car ride - uneventful and not too trying, although I was TIRED. We got home around 11:30 or so and went immediately to was a pretty damn good day.

Yesterday was spent cleaning - me inside, Jim outside (as usual) - then we went out after lunch and ran some errands. those errands included returning the bottles and cans we've accumulated since God knows when. Ummmm - we returned 688 bottles and cans. Thank you, very much. After that fiasco - we went to Lowes, Dempsey's, the pet store, and finally Trucchi's for groceries. Four stores I enjoy going to. It wasn't overly exciting, but still, it was fun.
Jim made a yummy yummy dinner (stuffed peppers and his own special risotto-ish rice dish) followed by a family outing (sister-in law, with husband and children as well as brother-in law with wife) to Skinner's for ice cream....or frozen yogurt, in my case. It was a nice, low-fat ending to the weekend.

All in all, it was a great weekend.
Go to New York and see [title of show] - and then tell 9 people. (

Friday, August 22, 2008

Back to Normal

Happy Friday!! I'm in a much better mood today.
I love Fridays. Not only do I get to wear jeans to work, but it means that I'm just hours away from the weekend. :-)
Jim was (finally!!) home last night, I slept well, my commute this morning was great, and to top it all off, there were no performers on the subway platform. Yahoo!!
So, I'm super excited for tomorrow. Jim and I are headed to New York City to see [title of show]. It's a show that I've been pretty much obsessed with for the past year or so. Quick back's a musical that was written by 2 self-proclaimed theatre geeks (Hunter Bell and Jeff Bowen) and the show is about 2 self-proclaimed theatre geeks writing a musical. Crazy, huh? The show stars the both of them along with 2 of their female friends (Susan Blackwell and Heidi Blickenstaff). It was part of a Musical Theatre festival a few years ago where it was picked up by a producer and eventually had a fairly successful off-Broadway run, which incidentally, led to a CD being recorded of the show. Thank God for that! Rather than disappearing into the 'unknown' (wherever little shows go when they die) the brains behind the show's creation kept up their website, kept writing in their blog and started a series of episodes of 'The [title of show] Show' on YouTube. The main focus of 'The [title of show] Show was that the show was heading to Broadway. It started out just for fun, but because of God knows what, the show actually made it to Broadway in July of this year and has been running ever since.
That's the story in a nutshell. I love the show, not only because it's full of great music and totally fun - but the fact that it's about these 2 guys and their 2 female friends who had an idea and totally went for it. Just awesome. I still manage to get all teary listening to the recording. I can't tell you how excited I am about seeing the show and saying hi to them all afterwards. Now, I'm NOT typically a 'Stage Door Johnny' - but I'm making an exception in this case. Stay tuned for pictures from the trip.
In the meantime, check out their website at and look for their videos on YouTube. The Christmas Special is one of my all-time favorites.

Well, it's Friday and I couldn't be happier. I'm just sitting at my desk, typing away in my skin-tight, ripped, acid wash jeans.

Kidding. I'm just wearing my regular, boring Levis....but at one point I certainly could have been seen in the aforementioned jeans. Yikes.

Happy Weekend to one and all......

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Crabby Pants

Clearly I’m not having a good day. When my 'blogging day' begins at 2:25pm – you know something ain’t right.
Where do I begin? (To tell the story of how great a love can be….'Love Story'? Anyone? Anyone? No one.)
So the day started off fine, I got up, took Scooter out, took a shower, got everything all packed up for the day and dropped Scooter off at daycare. Side note: today was the very first time that I dropped him off - Jim usually does it - and it was the cutest thing ever. They love him there and he CLEARLY loves it. He was so excited and was running around like a wild dog. Hysterical.
Aaaaaand I’m back.
After dropping him off I decided that I had plenty of time to get from the doggie daycare place (Classie Canines, by the way) to my usual train stop in order to catch the 7:08 train to South Station. As I pull into my parking spot (at 7:00), I hear a train whistle. I begin to panic, thinking that I had the time wrong and I was about to miss the train. Well, as it turns out, the train whistle I heard was the whistle of the 6:10 train that had JUST left the station. Nice. Nothing like a 40 minute delay to get your day started off on the completely wrong foot.
Knowing that my train was most likely going to be delayed, I just sucked it up and headed towards the platform. Thankfully, my train was ‘only’ 20 minutes late, but it was CROWDED. I found a seat and at the next stop, a G-I-A-N-T woman wedged herself into my seat. She apparently thought nothing of the fact that her arm fat was slapping up against me every time she moved. I spent the entire ride trying to make myself as small as possible and tried (in vain) to cram myself up against the window in an attempt to keep clear of the land mass to my left.
Finally we arrived at South Station around 8:30.
I decided that it wasn’t worth the aggravation for me to try and rush through the crowds, so I took my sweet-ass time getting to the subway. I was totally right, since all the people I saw running and pushing their way down to the subway were all standing there on the platform waiting for the next train. I arrived calm, cool, and collected. Of course, Mr. Horrible singer was in his usual spot on the platform, but today he was ‘singing’ a ballad instead of his usual up-beat, makes you want to throw yourself onto the third rail, classic “Jesus Woke Me Up This Mornin’ Lord’. The train had JUST left, so we were all held captive listening to him repeat the same line over and over again sometimes a cappella, sometime with his guitar (or whatever the fuck that thing is he’s playing) strumming along in the background. Sheer torture.
Sorry….I just realized that I’ve written a lot so far, and although it’s making me feel so much better – I’m not sure how entertaining it is to read. Well, you know what? I’m writing all of this for me anyway, so if you don’t like it, you can screw!! Kidding…I hope you don’t hate me.
I’ll cut to the chase….I got to work an hour and a half later than normal, had to rush through my morning Internet searches so I could get coffee before my 10am meeting, after my meeting I had to run through a few tests that took FOREVER because our system was SO slow (no idea why) and then I uncovered a bunch of issues that need to be addressed. That’s actually a good thing. It’s not only my job, but since things weren't working properly it allowed me to meet my co-worker Chris for lunch (we meet every day – unless he’s super busy) and then run to the library. I had to return the book I just finished reading and take out a new one.
Now I’m at my desk, writing a bog entry for today. I’m about to get some water and do a quick check to see if my developers have fixed any of my issues yet. My work issues....not my personal issues.

Thanks for reading….if you’re reading….and allowing me to vent.

I feel much better.

For fun:
This is me and my husband on our wedding day:

This is me with a beard:

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Hump Day

I'm apologizing now for the lack of blog today. I got to work about an hour later than normal and I'm all kinds of behind. Since Jim is away, I made a slight adjustment to my morning routine so that I wouldn't screw up Scooter's schedule. He was great this morning. It was funny though...I had to actually wake him up. He was SOUND asleep and when the alarm went off, he didn't move a muscle. Once I woke him up though, he was fine. After taking him out, I took my shower, got dressed, fed him, walked him and then I took off for work. I think he was more than happy to get into his crate and sleep. He was practically asleep when I left.

I took a later train than normal and it sucked. What a mess. Who knew that an hour could make such a difference?!?! There were three times the people on the later train (7:08am) than are on my normal train (6:10am)....and it was irritating. Add to that the fact that the HORRIBLE guitar player was out in full force this morning....good Lord he pisses me off.

Anyway....I'm at work enjoying my coffee and it's time to get busy.
This is my sleepy puppy....

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

While The Cat's Away.....

I'll sit at home with Scooter trying to figure out what to do with myself for 2 days. :-)

Jim heads out this morning for two lovely days in Warwick, RI. He has some work 'stuff' going on down there, and he'll be back on Thursday, so it's not all that bad. If I can spend a week in the house all alone a month after we bought it, then I can certainly survive two nights in the house (with Scooter) after living there for almost two years.

So, I finished reading 'The Crossing' and now I'm on the third book in the trilogy 'Cities of the Plain'. This one is shaping up to be the best of the bunch. I have to say, after reading 'The Road' - I was SURE that I'd love everything Cormac McCarthy wrote. Apparently that's not at all the case. The first two books (while entertaining at points) were at times TEDIOUS to get through. Let's just say I'm glad I got that library card and didn't shell out any money for the books at Barnes and Noble (that's Noble, not Nobles....HUGE pet peeve of mine, by the way).
Speaking of Bahhnes and Nobles....I have a book on hold for me there and I CAN'T WAIT to buy it and read it. It's called 'The Q Guide to Broadway' and it's written by Seth Rudetsky. I read his other book called 'Broadway Nights: A Romp of Love, Life, and Musical Theatre' and laughed throughout the entire thing. It was hysterical. I think he's a riot, anyway - so I think that's a big part of it. I'm actually thinking about getting it ('Broadway Nights....') on CD as well. He had all sorts of fancy-pants Broadway folk read various characters in the book, so I'm sure I'll love it. Put it on my Christmas list!!!

So - that's what's happening with me, work, pick up Scooter at day care and then find something incredibly exciting to do tonight. Which will most likely mean watching 6 episode of 'Family Guy'. Awesome.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Happy Monday!

Yikes...I'm TIRED this morning. I never sleep well on Sunday nights and I never have. I'm not quite sure why at this point in my life it's still an issue. Sure, when you're in school it makes sense, you know - tests, papers, homework to pass in...all that stuff. But I certainly don't face any of those things at work. It must just be the fact that I know I'm at the start of a long week, full of, you :-)
Anyway...I'm here and although I'm not exactly working at the moment.....I'm ok.

This weekend was GREAT. Jim and I went out to dinner with Karen and Barrie on Friday night. We're constantly saying that we need to get together, but we never make actual plans. Finally, last week we got our act together and picked a date and it happened. It was so nice to see them, and catch up on all the exciting things going on in our lives.
Saturday Jim and I spent a good portion of the day cleaning the house (me) and doing yard work (Jim) but then we headed to Jamaica Plain for a kickball and BBQ extravaganza. Guys from our softball team (The Scoops) got together and played against another team in our division (the JJ Bodner Premiums) and then had a BBQ afterwards. I have to say that we got our asses handed to us by them. Apparently kickball is NOT our sport. Although we got killed (twice) it was still fun....and the BBQ was great. Lots of excellent food, and a great mix of people. It was nice to meet and spend time with people from another team.
Yesterday we hosted a big shin-dig at our house for all the East Bridgewater folks that Jim grew up with. His entire family was there, as well as a few other families (and all their children) from town. Again, it was one of those things that we've been talking about for a long, long time - but finally got around to actually doing. Everything went well, and I think people had a great time. Of course, I'm exhausted and sore this morning due to a combination of lack of sleep and playing kickball in my elderly really shouldn't hurt to play kickball....right???

That's all for now....I'm going to try and do some actual work....maybe.

OH!!! Two more exciting things....Jim finally got the promotion he was waiting to hear about - and he surprised me on Friday night with tickets to go see [title of show] next Saturday. You can't even imagine how excited I am.....YAHOO!!!!!

Last thing...that horrible man was playing his guitar and 'singing' on the train platform again. Thankfully, the train came quickly. He still sucks.

Friday, August 15, 2008

"Sad to be all alone in the world...."

First thing, 'Thoroughly Modern Millie' at the The Company Theatre was GREAT last night. I loved, loved, loved it. Such a fun, well-cast, and overall excellent time. Nice job, people!!!!

So, I saw another fox on the way to work this morning.....

Red Foxx? Anyone? Anyone? No one. Moving on....

So, my day started off SO annoying this morning. There's a man that 'performs' on the Orange Line platform at Downtown Crossing from time to time who succeeds in pissing me off more than any other performer has before. He is SOOO awful. He's an extremely loud singer and plays a guitar that is completely out of tune. His song of choice (every day) is "Jesus woke you up this morning, Lord....I'll fly away." Seriously? Do I need to hear his off-key, NON-STOP screeching at 7 in the morning?!? No, I don't. Not only is his singing an abomination to all things musical, but whenever he's not singing he's talking. At least I think he's's completely incoherent, for he has about 3 teeth in his head. All I can make out is "Jesus..." - "Blood in your veins..." - "Praise God..." - "All the little children..." We went for a few weeks without his presence but this morning he re-appeared, much to the dismay of my fellow commuters. Two people I was walking next to made comments (to no one in particular) when we heard his un-mistakable voice from down the hall. "Oh fuck. He's Back." one man said, followed by "It was so nice when he was gone." from the woman walking in front of me. I completely understand that he's just trying to make a living like the rest of us, but he really needs to do it quieter, on pitch, and on a different platform.

Enough of that! It's Friday, Jim and I are going to dinner tonight with Karen and Barrie (YAY!) and then we have all sorts of exciting things going on both Saturday and Sunday.

I'll fill y'all in later....stay tuned. And by y'all I guess I really mean me....because I don't think anyone else reads this. :-)


Thursday, August 14, 2008

Day Two

So much has happened already today!

Jason Varitek and his wife of 11 years are getting divorced...

I saw a fox on the way to work this morning...

My book has taken a turn for the better...

It's all so exciting. :-)

Hmmmm...let's see.
Jim (my husband) and I are going to see 'Thoroughly Modern Millie' tonight at The Company Theatre. I'm VERY excited to see it. I was very proud of the fact that I called early enough to get tickets. I'm NOTORIOUS for not planning ahead and missing out on shows because of sell-outs. It makes me sad when that happens. I'm sure the show will be great and I'll be RAVING about it tomorrow morning.

Last night after dinner, Jim and I took Scooter (our year and a half old Jack Russell Terrier) for a long walk around the neighborhood. It was nice to get out and go for a walk, and even nicer that it wasn't rainy out. It's been SO rainy lately, it's depressing. Of course, it's great for our lawn (or what's left of it) and thankfully it's been nice over the weekends, so I shouldn't be complaining.

I'm heading down for my morning coffee....I may write again later on. Can you do that? Can you 'blog' more than once in a day? Are there blogging laws? I'll have to look into that.

In the meantime, here's a picture of Scooter and I:

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A New Beginning

So, here I am again. Making an attempt at maintaining a daily record of my life. I have tried time and time again to keep diaries and journals, but for some reason it never works out. Maybe because I end up putting SO much pressure on myself to keep it going? Maybe because I like the idea, but I'm lazy? Who knows? Maybe this time will be different. Maybe this time I'll be lucky. Maybe this time, I'll win. :-)
Either way. I've started the ball rolling and what happens next is any one's guess.

I'm reading a fairly decent book right now by Cormac McCarthy. He wrote 'The Road' - which I loved - and as soon as I heard that he had written what's called 'The Border Trilogy', I knew I had to read it. Well, I struggled through the first book ('All The Pretty Horses') and I'm now into the second one. It's in no way connected to the first book (character-wise) but they're similar in the fact that they both involve young cowboys on a journey. In Mexico. And there's LOTS of smoking involved. It makes me want to smoke and drink whiskey while I read it. Of course, I find whiskey repulsive, and since I've quit smoking I'm no longer allowed to do that. I'll just have to live vicariously through the boozing and smoking cowboys in my book.
Don't worry...this isn't going to become a boring book's just what's on my mind at the moment, so back off.

I'm going to stop now. I have to visit the boy's room and get a cup of coffee.

Have a lovely day....oh! If anyone can guess where I came up with the name of my blog, you get special points....and a gold star for the day.