Thursday, September 4, 2008

I'm back....

I'm back!! Ok, it was only one day - but still....I'd been writing every day, so to suddenly disappear must have been JARRING to all my readers. Or is that reader? Anyway....I had nothing to write about yesterday, and I was fairly busy at work so there you have it. No blog entry.

Well, it's Thursday (yay!), Jim got his camera back, and I took a moment to send myself the [title of show] pictures to my work address, so I could publish them here and share them with the world.

Again - Loved the show....loved the people.....go. see. it. NOW!!!
This is Jeff and I....he plays 'Jeff' in the show....and he also wrote all the music and lyrics.....AMAZING!!!!
This is Jim and I with Jeff....Jim is my husband. :-) PS - In this picture, I think Heidi looks like a news reporter, rushing to catch up with someone before they take off....I don't know why that's the first thing to come to my mind when I see it, but it is.

This is Jim, Heidi, Hunter, and I. Heidi plays 'Heidi'. She's got a killer voice, she's GORGEOUS and absolutely perfect in the show. Hunter plays 'Hunter'. He's also the book writer of the show, which means that he's the brains behind 90% of the hysterical stuff going on up there....again, so funny, excellent voice, and totally adorable. I love the red-heads, what can I say???

This is Jim and I with Susan. She plays 'Susan'. She is a riot, she's a super-excellent actress, and she's responsible for writing the lyrics/overall idea behind one of my favorite songs in the show 'Die, Vampire, Die!!!'. She's super hip and cool.

We didn't get our picture taken with Larry, the crazy-good musical director/on-stage pianist/entire band. However, just like the rest of the cast - he was incredibly talented and nicer than nice when we met him. It was a great, great day.

It's almost the weekend.....start getting

PS - I heard a clip or two from that horrid woman's speech last night (Sarah Palin) and I think she's revolting. Just the little bit I heard got me so angry, I'm glad I didn't sit through the entire thing. Gross.

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