Monday, September 8, 2008

Scooter update...

I just talked to Jim and he assured me that Scooter is going to be OK.
The vet checked him out from tip to tail, and said that it looks like he has some sort of bacterial infection, most likely caused by something he ate. Since Scooter is always trying to eat stuff he finds (especially cat/wild animal poop from the back yard) I'm not entirely surprised. The vet gave him some fluids and put him on two different meds. One antibiotic and something to help settle his upset stomach. :-(
I'm happy to hear that there was no obstruction or anything like that. Not only is that extremely uncomfortable, but the surgery would be VERY expensive. Not that we wouldn't spend it to save the baby....I'm just happy we don't have to. :-)

That's all for now...I'm sure I'll write more if there's something to report.


Living with baby {b}! said...

Happy to here Scooter is going to be OK!!!!!!!!!

Living with baby {b}! said...

oooops...I meant to write happy to hear

AJohnP said...

It's ok...on my blog, spelling doesn't count.

Thanks for the well-wishes!!

LOVED your latest pictures, by the way. Let me know when I can go magazine shopping. :-)