Thursday, September 11, 2008

I'm Still Here...

I went to see 'Follies' last night. It was VERY good. 'Follies' is one of those shows that people can talk about for hours. Maybe it's because it had such a rocky development? Maybe because it's so rarely done? Maybe it's because it's a Sondheim musical and people can talk for hours about any Sondheim musical? Who knows? Either way - I think, in spite of the show's 'problems', it's a good one; and the production currently playing at The Lyric Stage Company in Boston is great. (plug, plug, plug). I'd never had the opportunity to see a fully staged production, but I have seen it in concert, so I had an idea of what to expect. Being the musical theatre fan that I am, I've heard a number of the songs performed outside the context of the show as well as seen a video clip or two from time to time. I think the music is great, but there are a few problems I have with the 'book'. In addition to the book problems, I have some other issues with the show that aren't really worth mentioning....especially in writing. :-)

If you're looking for something to do, and you're in the Boston area from now until October 11th, go and see the show. It's pretty rare to see this show being produced, and this is an excellent production.

Before going to the show, I had a totally dramatic afternoon. Whenever I have something to do in the Boston area after work, I generally drive to a train station (subway) closer to the city, as opposed to taking the commuter rail which is 5 minutes from my house. That way, I can leave work, hop on the subway, and then drive back into the city. It's much easier to get out of a show (for example) and drive home right away; rather than get out of a show and then wait for 3 different trains to get me home. Get it?

Anyway, after getting off the subway and into my car, I noticed that my phone was flashing a message ('Insert Smartcard') and wouldn't respond at all to my frantic button-pushing. Annoying. After a quick visit with my sister and her family, I headed over to the AT&T store to get some help. Thankfully, I had time and knew where the closest one was. I ended up having to buy a new 'Smartcard' - and the man working there was able to save all the phone numbers in my phone book!! YAHOO for the AT&T man!! That would have been a pain in the ass.

With my new phone in hand I headed into Boston. As I was driving along, about to get onto the highway, this IDIOT woman in front of me SLAMMED on her brakes and just stopped. I had plenty of time to stop, but it scared the hell out of me. So there she is, stopped in the middle of the road, trying to decide if she wants to get on the ramp or not. Really? Really. After lots of beeping from the folks behind me, and me yelling out loud to myself in the car "Move it! What the hell are you doing?!?!?" She decided that she did not want to get on the highway and she slowly rolled down the exit ramp to go and torture some other motorists on some suburban side street somewhere. I won't go into any details, but let's just say she was about 4 feet tall, and we were in North Quincy. Enough said.

I'm currently reading 'And The Band Played On' by Randy Shilts. It's all about 'Politics, People, and the AIDS Epidemic'. It's one of those books that I've always wanted to read, but the 605 pages always intimidated me. :-) I'm only at the beginning, and they're just discussing the very beginnings of what will soon become the AIDS epidemic. Here's a bit of the Wikipedia definition: "It chronicles the discovery and spread of HIV and AIDS with a special emphasis on government indifference and political infighting to what was initially perceived as a gay disease, that has impacted the United States and the world for decades after." I realize that it's told from a completely biased point of view, but I'm finding it fascinating so far. I'll keep you updated on my progress.

Lastly...just a quick mention about the fact that today is September 11th. Yikes. I can't believe it was 7 years ago today. Crazy. It's something that I never thought I'd have to experience, but certainly something I'll never, ever forget.

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Brettcajun said...

I wish I could see more broadway plays up in NYC. I went once in the 90's when I was very young. I want to go back!