Wednesday, July 31, 2013

I'm Commited

I've been having an internal battle about whether or not to get rid of my blog all together or try to get back on track and start posting again. 
I've decided to keep the old gal around for a while longer, with a new plan in place. 
Instead of checking the same (of many) social media 'apps' 50 times a day, I will commit to visiting this app and make a blog entry. 
I'm still pretty fascinating, and I know you're all intrigued by every move that I make, so it's only fair. ;-)

In other news, all is well with me. Work is good, Jim, Zachary, and the beloved Scooter are great and we're having a delightful summer. 
I hope the same goes for all of you. :-)

Here's a recent picture of Zachary and I, after a swim in the pool, which he LOVES. 

Scooter loves the pool as well, and has been in it FAR more than I have this summer. Typical. 

Here's a picture of Z and one of the mascots of the Paw Sox (the farm team for the Red Sox). You get an idea of how big he's gotten recently. He's still small for his age (especially his weight), but he's pretty tall.