Friday, June 24, 2011

Confessions of a Musical Theatre Nerd

As many of you know, like it or not, I'm a HUGE musical theatre fan. 
Since I rarely get to New York City as much as I want to (hardly ever), the only way I learn about shows is via the Internet and I must say, I do a pretty decent job of keeping myself up to date as far as what's happening in the 'theatre world'.  I'm familiar with what shows are running, and I'm full of useless information as far as who's in what shows or what shows are happening.
However, where I've taken a HUGE step back is in my familiarity with the actual shows themselves....more specifically, the cast recordings. 
I blame it all on the 'digital age'.

It's very simple.....I want CDs.  I don't want to go to iTunes and download a CD.  I want it in my hand....I want the booklet that comes with it.....I want to be able to see what character is singing what song, and more importantly, who the performer is behind the character....

I know that some CDs offer a 'digital booklet' chock-full of all the information I want, but am I supposed to print it out and have it with me whenever I listen to that CD?!?!?!
Recently, I downloaded a few solo CDs by some of my favorite singers, and it makes me insane that I have to do Internet searches trying to find out who wrote the songs they're singing....or who's singing backup.....or who's singing a duet with them.  Not to mention that a lot of the time, I can't even get the information I'm looking for!!

I know this is a pointless rant because soon CDs will be a thing of the past, but it makes me sad and I wanted to vent a little.

By the way, I am aware that CDs are still being produced and I can still get them, whether it be ordering them online or hunting for the rare store that carries current theatre CDs....but it used to be so EASY....and I miss it.

That's my old man rant for the week.....month?

I hope you have a DELIGHTFUL weekend and the sun shines wherever you are.....because it ain't shining here!!!  Damn New England weather....  ;-)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Really, June??

I can't even believe that it's June 22nd already. Insane. This year has FLOWN by.
Sure, it's been a crazy year for us becoming dads and all, but even so....holy cow, it's gone by quickly!!!

Anyway....I don't have much to report in the way of exciting news.

Last weekend was pretty busy. Jim and Zachary came to the fields on Saturday, which was fun - especially since we won (Yahoo!!).  After the game, we hung out with some college friends of mine and their families. Most of them hadn't met Zach yet, so that was a good time.
On Sunday, we celebrated our first Father's Day. Jim went to his sister's house for breakfast in the morning and I headed into Boston for my softball games. I only stayed for the first game, and then headed back home to meet up with Jim and Zachary. We pretty much just spent the day relaxing by the pool, playing cards, and having a few drinks. Later that evening we went out to dinner and then came home and collapsed. It was a very nice, relaxing day!

On Monday, I was working from home, but we had our monthly check in with our social worker as well as Zach's. They stopped by in the late morning and everything went well. Nothing new to report, we're just (patiently) waiting for the next court date to roll around. Until then, it's just business as usual!
Monday night, I had yet ANOTHER softball game, but this one was a night game played on the Boston Common.  We didn't win, but we played well and had a lot of fun!!!

Last night, Jim and I were 'guest speakers' at Panel Night for the latest MAPP training class. For those 'newer' blog readers, MAPP training is what all people who are interested in becoming foster/adoptive parents in MA have to go through in order to become certified. At the second to last class, a panel of 'experts' comes to the class and shares their foster/adoption stories with the class.
It was our first time being on the panel and it was an excellent experience. I can't wait to do it again!!!

I just looked back at my blog archives to this week a year ago, and I had just written about Jim and I receiving our 'official' certification from MAPP training.  I'd also written about me attending the 'car seat clinic' at work and that I'd received two brand-spankin'-new car seats our of the deal.
Little did I know when I was writing that, that less in than a year later we'd have a baby and those car seats (well, at least one of them) would be a part of our daily lives. CRAZY!!!!

That's all I have for now....nothing too exciting going on here....OH - but the rumor mill is churning away here at work. Apparently something B-I-G is supposedly happening here within the next 3 weeks or so.
I'm not going to get into it right now, but the rumors are flying fast and furious!!!!

Have a great day!!!

This was my Father's Day gift from the 'kids' :-)  Awesome

Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Stanley Cup comes home!!!!

Hooray for the Boston Bruins!!!  My goodness, what an exciting night it was.  Admittedly, I didn't watch the entire game from beginning to end because I just find hockey WAY too stressful to watch.  I was switching back and forth and kept my eye on things.  I did watch the final 10 minutes or so, plus all the post-game coverage, which was so fun to see.

Aside from the crazy Vancouver fans trashing their city, things were quite peaceful here in Boston.  Even in our little town 45 minutes south of the city there were some fireworks set off, which led to a chorus of cheers from all the neighbors.  It was pretty funny....Scooter didn't find it amusing at all, but I was happy that I stayed awake to see the historic win.

As you all know, I'm not a rabid sports fan, but the fact that in the past 10 years Boston has won 7 championships in all 4 sports - is pretty cool.  And as I mentioned on Facebook, Scooter has been by my side for each of the final games.  Jim may have been sound asleep (and Scooter may have been too) but at least he was in the room with me. 

Scooter - 'watching' game 7 of the Stanley Cup finals with me.

My new hero, Bruin's goalie - Timmy Thomas

In other news, today is Kerry's birthday!!!  Kerry and I met my freshman year at UNH, and became the best of friends my sophomore year.  We've remained friends since then and pretty much talk every day.
She'll kill me for posting these pictures, but she looks a hell of a lot better in them than I do!!!


Kerry and I, right before my final GENTS show (Spring, 1994)

Getting ready to paint the town red.  The 'town' being Manchester, NH

We. Are. Ready.  Look out Colosseum....HERE WE COME!!!!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What You've Missed....

Hello everyone!

Hmmmmm...what's been going on since I last wrote?!?!?  Well, let me see.....last week was 'Pride Week' in Boston and for the first time in God only knows how long, I didn't do a damn thing in celebration of my gayness.  I've decided that I'd much rather be warm and dry than proud.  :-)
Truth be told, Jim and I were all set to bring Zachary into the city for his very first Pride parade, but when we woke up on Saturday morning to a dismal, rainy, day - we decided it wasn't a great idea to stand out in the rain with our 5 month old son.  (Yes, he turned 5 months old on Saturday - crazy)
Instead, we hung around the house and then met up with friends that night to celebrate Karen's b-day.
It was great to see everyone, and we had a great time.

On Sunday, I had my audition.  As I mentioned before, it's kind of a 'mass-audition' situation.  You basically have two minutes to show your 'stuff' (watch it) in front of whatever Boston/local theatre producers decide to show up.  I'd never been before, so I was happy that I decided to go in.  I was a completely nervous wreck, but I'm hoping that didn't come through at my audition.  There were a lot of people (30+) crammed into a small-ish space, but they laughed at my monologue (it was a comic monologue, so that's a good thing) and they seemed to enjoy my song so I'm happy with the way things went.  I didn't do it in hopes of being was mostly because I'd never done it before, and had always thought about now I've done it and that's that!  If anything comes of it....excellent, but if not - that's OK too.

After the audition, I caught the last hour of my neices' dance recital.  They both did a great job....I was a very proud uncle.  After the recital I went to my sister's house for a bit and then headed home to watch the Tony Awards (aka - The Gay Super Bowl).  I thought it was an excellent show this year, and that Neil Patrick Harris was a great host.  I haven't seen any of the new shows this season (back off, I have a baby!) but I've been keeping up to date on all that's going on, so I wasn't really surprised with any of the winners.
I thought most of the performances were great (that awful 'thing' from 'Spiderman' did NOTHING for me) and it was a very entertaining show.

I had Monday off, so while Jim tended to the yard, I spent some time with Zachary.  That evening we brought him to my sister's house while Jim and I had a 'date night'!  We went on a sunset cruise with the gang from SpeakEasy Stage Company to celebrate their 20th anniversary.  It was a great time, and a nice little escape for a while.  Going on a boat ride of any sort is pretty tricky.  Thankfully, this one wasn't too long that we felt trapped, but it also wasn't a short little "what the hell was that?!?" kind of trip.

Yesterday was pretty uneventful, and I'm pretty sure that today will be the same. 

Work is work....and I'm still trying to find a way out of here....but I have faith that it will happen sooner or later.  Until then, I'll keep smiling....or keep trying to.  :-)

Thursday, June 9, 2011

It's a hard-knock life!

Woe is me. 
Being the working dad is wicked hahhhhd. 
It's hard enough leaving the house each day knowing that Jim, Zachary, and Scooter get to spend the day together, but it makes things just a little bit worse (OK, a LOT worse) because I can't stand my job.

I know, I're probably all sick of hearing me complain about it and you're probably thinking "If you don't like it only you can change it....stop complaining and DO something about it, blah, blah, blah." Believe me I'm trying.  I've been actively searching for jobs, but it's not easy. 

First of all, I really can't spend a lot of time looking during the day, for obvious reasons.....I'm at work!! :-)
Secondly, I don't want to come home from work and spend all my time sitting in front of the computer when I should be spending time with my family.
Third of all, it's incredibly discouraging.  I've sent out several resumes and applied for a number of jobs and haven't heard ONE peep from anyone.  And I'm not counting the automatic email replies I get once I apply: "Thanks for applying.  We will review your application, and if we think you're a good candidate for the position, someone will be in touch."  I miss the days of walking into a place and applying for a job.  ;-)
I have a list of more places I want to apply, but I just need to find the time to sit down and do it.

In the meantime, I'll try and stay positive in spite of the misery I'm surrounded by each day.

Sorry for the negativity - but I'm just trying to vent a little.  :-)

PS - It's clearly summer.  All I hear at work is the disgusting sound of flip-flops slapping up against sweaty feet throughout the office, and it's making me sick. 

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Back from the weekend...

Jim, Zachary, and I had a great weekend in NH!!!  This is the annual trip we take each June with the alumni (and current members) from my college a Capella group.  It was Zachary's first trip to 'Gents Weekend' and he was a hit.  Thankfully, since he's so easy to deal with he didn't ruin our trip.  ;-)
Seriously though, he was no problem  at all, and still managed to sleep soundly through the night, allowing Jim and I to have fun and still feel like responsible dads. 

The other night after work, I met up with my crazily-talented friend Barrie to get my head shots taken.  You're all familiar with her work, since I've been stealing he photos since day one, and posting them here.
I'm going to an audition on Sunday (it's a local, Boston-area 'mass' audition) and since I haven't had a real head shot taken in God only knows how long, it was time. 
Here are a few of the shots.....for your enjoyment. ;-)

I guess I should get my lazy ass back to work. :-)

Have a great day!!!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Living in the lap of luxury....

Yesterday at Fenway Park, I ate:

5 chicken tenders
1 Italian sausage
1 slider
1 slice of pepperoni pizza
1 bag of Cracker Jacks
1 chocolate chip cookie
1 brownie
1 Haagen Dazs ice cream bar
several (?) Bud Lights

and I never took my wallet out of my back pocket.  :-)

Unfortunately, the Red Sox lost (BOO!!!) - but Joanne and I had a great time, in spite of the crazy, weather-induced traffic we sat in trying to get home.

Speaking of....we were unscathed by yesterday's nutso weather that passed through Massachusetts.  Although, I probably would have been totally safe, had a tornado even ATTEMPTED to lift my fat ass off the ground, given the fact I'd eaten so much.

Here are some pictures:

The AMAZING view from our super-comfy seats

Joanne and I

This is the little flat-screen TV that's on the wall in the private bathroom we seriously don't ever have to miss a second of the game.  :-)

The 'foul weather tarp' they place over the infield at the end of the game.  Advertising, anyone?!?!

Happy Thursday!!!!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Luxury Box!!

Today I'm leaving work early and going to the Red Sox game.  YAHOO!!!  My dear, dear, friend Joanne (she reads the blog) has selflessly invited me once again to attend a Red Sox game with her.  The last time she took me, we sat in the Monster Seats for a game against the Yankees.  Seriously??!?  It was AMAZING.  The only drawback was that it was about 35 degrees at the game.  No was craziness.  However, we managed to have a great always.

This was us at that game.....freezing our 'parts' off.

Today's game is going to be the exact opposite...VERY warm and humid.  However, the weather probably won't be an issue since we have seats in a luxury box.  One of her company's major clients not only have Monster Seats, but a luxury box as well, which is where we're sitting today. I'm very excited.  I've been lucky enough to have seats in a luxury box before, and it's so nice.  Most of the time, there's a fridge stocked with beer and plenty of snacky food-type things to be had.  Hopefully, that will be the case today.
Although, if I show up and it's just a great place to sit.....I'll be just as happy to be at a game and NOT at work.

Jim and I had a great holiday weekend.  We got the entire yard and pool area all spruced up and ready for summer.  We went to a BBQ on Saturday night, hosted a teeny-tiny, impromptu BBQ at our house on Sunday night, and then attended a crazily fun BBQ on Monday afternoon.  It was NOT easy going back to work yesterday, but it was great knowing that Zachary was going to be at home with Jim, and not shipped off to daycare.
I hope you all had fantastic Memorial Day Weekends as well!!!

Tomorrow I'm working, and then I'm off on Friday.  We're heading to New Hampshire for our annual weekend away with the alumni and current members of the a cappella group I sang with at UNH.  We're very excited to FINALLY be attending with a child of our own.  It's something we've always talked about, and it's kind of unreal that it's really happening.  :-)

This is totally random, but here are a couple pictures of our yard.  I took them to show a co-worker all the work we've done since moving in, and figured I'd share them all with you.

At one time, this entire yard (side yard) was nothing but dirt, there were about 5-6 awful, dying, giant, trees on the property, and not a blade of grass in sight.  As you can see from these pictures, the grass is coming along nicely, and our newly paved (almost a year ago!) driveway makes SUCH a difference.

This is a picture of the backyard where there are HUGE improvements.  Not too long ago, there were two giant trees back there and nothing but dirt.

And of course....Scooter, enjoying the pool area