Thursday, September 25, 2008

There's a nip in the air...

It is COLD at my desk right now.
Whenever I’m sitting at my desk, freezing my ‘parts’ off I’m reminded of the day that I was ROBBED at work.
OK, well that’s a tad dramatic, but I did have my fleece stolen from the closet at work.
And I’m still pissed about it.

Way back when, on ‘Employee Appreciation Day’ here at work, we all received zip up fleeces with the company logo on the front. This was back in the day when we still had ‘stocked’ kitchenettes full of free things like coffee, hot chocolate, etc…
Now we don’t even get cups. Seriously.
Just like Old Mother Hubbard, our cupboards are bare.

Anyway…we each received a fleece and unlike most people I LOVE getting stuff like that. Now, I’m not going to parade around Boston proudly displaying my company-issued clothing, but generally, the stuff they give out is pretty good for lounging around the house or to wear for cleaning, yard work, etc…
So, I get my fleece and toss it into one of my desk drawers. One day, I thought to myself "Gee, I'm pretty chilly...oh wait...I have a fleece in my drawer that I can wear. No more being chilly at my desk. Huzzah!!!"
From that day forward, I kept my fleece in the closet at work, knowing that it would always be there whenever it was cold at my desk…which it often is.
In the winter as well as the summer. Excellent.

On one random (cold) morning in either February or March this year I went to get my fleece and it was gone. G-O-N-E. I was pissed. Not only was I cold, but I was totally annoyed that someone either took, or ‘disposed’ of my fleece for some unknown reason. My co-workers thought that it was most likely someone from the nightly cleaning crew that had seen it hanging in the closet for so long and they assumed it was ‘abandoned’ and threw it out. That may be true…but I find it irritating. It certainly wasn’t in anybody’s way or taking up any space, since it was the ONLY thing in the entire closet.
Some other co-workers thought that it was stolen. Which brings me to the question – ‘Who the hell would want to wear my ratty, old fleece?’ Not that is was gross or anything, but really…whoever took it probably didn’t know who it belonged to, and it clearly wasn’t brand new. I think that’s just gross.
Of course, if you’ve ever worked in an office building, I’m sure you have plenty of disgusting/unbelievable stories of your own to share.

Side Story: One of my co-workers who put a half-eaten sandwich in a bag (with her name on it) in the ‘community’ fridge one afternoon, only to find it gone the next afternoon when she went to have it for lunch. ‘Who finishes a total strangers lunch?!?!?’ Yuck.

That brings me to this morning.
I’m cold, my nose is cold, and my hands are about the fall off.
(Again, with the drama?!?!)

Thank God I’ve got my beard to keep me warm.

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