Monday, September 22, 2008

It's a long one....

This post, that is.

Here I am again…on a gloomy, grey, Monday morning. I’m coming off of a pretty decent, whirlwind of a weekend.
First of all, JIM IS HOME!!! Yay.
I was very happy to see him on Friday night. He had a great trip and although he’ll most likely be going back over there soon, he’s home for now!

Surprisingly, he wasn’t all that tired when he got home, in spite of the fact that he was still on ‘German time’ and to his body it was after 3am. We chatted about his trip and then spent about a half hour on YouTube searching for some yodeling videos that he had seen in a gay bar over there. We eventually found them on line and I have to say, what they were doing was pretty impressive. Yodeling is CRAZY!!! I think I’ll take up yodeling in my spare time.
After watching a bunch of clips, I finally convinced him that it was probably a smart idea for us to go to bed since we had a lot going on the next day.

We got up on Saturday and pretty much hung out and relaxed in the morning. Eventually, I took a shower and then took Scooter for a long walk. While I was gone, Jim made a bunch of food for the ‘pre-Farm Aid’ gathering that we were going to. He made a TON of really yummy food – these little cucumber sandwich thingies and THREE different calzones. He’s crazy…but everything looked and smelled delicious. We left home at about 1:30 and headed to his co-worker’s house. We hung out there with a couple of his co-workers and their friends for a while, had some drinks and food and then made our way to the concert. And yes, everything that Jim made was cramazing. (crazy/amazing)
We had VIP passes for the concert – which allowed us to park in the VIP parking lot and go to the designated ‘VIP Tent’….and we got fancy-pants wristbands as well.
Of course, I had no idea what any of this meant before hand, but when we got there and went inside I was pleased to find that it meant that we were treated to free food and OPEN BAR until 9:30pm. Keep in mind; it was about 5:30 when we arrived. :-)
I met a ton of Jim’s co-workers (who had evidently been there for a while, enjoying the open bar) and then we settled down under the VIP tent. As I mentioned the other day, I’m not a huge fan of concerts, so the fact that I wasn’t sitting down and watching each of the scheduled acts didn’t really bother me. The concert ‘line-up’ was posted and there were several TVs in the VIP area so we knew what was going on and who was on stage performing at any given moment. We continued to enjoy the open bar and made our way to our seats just as Dave Matthews went on. He was VERY good. Even though I was left alone for a bit while Jim and his co-workers returned to the VIP area, I enjoyed Dave’s set. He played for about an hour and after a short break John Mellencamp came on stage and played his set. (Jim and friends had returned by this point as well) By the way, he looks really good….and still sounds pretty amazing.
We went back to the VIP area just as John Mellencamp was finishing and discovered that one of the people that drove us to the concert wasn’t feeling well. It had nothing to do with drinking or anything like that…she just wasn’t feeling well. Long story short (too late!) we ended up leaving shortly after seeing John Mellencamp.
So, Tommy…no need to be jealous….I didn’t even get to see Willie Nelson. :-)

On Sunday, Jim was a whirlwind of activity and did all sorts of yard work while I dealt with the tidying up inside the house. Since it’s fall planting season – we went to Lowes and bought all sorts of fun things. Not only did we buy some mums (as we usually do in the fall), but we bought a ton of bulbs that will bloom like CRAZY in the Spring. We got irises, tulips, hyacinths….all sorts of pretty, little bloomin’ flowers.
It sucks that we have to wait until the Spring to see how they turn out. I think that’s annoying. I want results now!!!

OK – this has gone on long enough. I’m done. A couple more things to look forward to this week….
I’m doing a show. It’s a quick little thing that being thrown together as a benefit of sorts, but it’ll be fun and over before you know it! Two shows, October 24th and 25th and then I’m D-O-N-E!!!!
I’m growing a beard. I haven’t shaved since Friday the 12th, and it’s coming along nicely…we’ll see how that goes. Jim didn’t scream when he saw it, so I have high hopes.

Adios amigos…

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