Monday, March 8, 2010


It's a banner day here in the world of my blog!
For some reason, my old settings have returned, so I'm taking full advantage.
That means you're getting a fun and picture filled post for today, before something bad happens!!

Quickly though - there's some 'talky stuff' to get through.

I found out on Thursday evening that I had strep throat. All morning I was feeling a little yucky and as the day went on, I was getting worse. I called my doctor, and while he had no appointments available, he said that I should come to the 'urgent care clinic' that night in the office. As it turns out - it was a very good thing I did. I had a fever of 102.3 as well as strep throat.
The good thing is (as many of you know, I'm sure) that when you get strep, you usually start feeling better very soon after you start taking your antibiotics.
Thankfully, he had called in a prescription for me, so I was able to start taking it that night. I got home from the doctor, called my boss to let him know that I wasn't going to be in on Friday and then called the RENT choreographer to let her know that I was going to miss rehearsal on Friday night as well, since that would still be within my 'contagious' period. I ended up going to bed early on Thursday night and spent the majority of the day on Friday, couch-bound.
Scooter was thrilled to have me home with him. :-)

By Saturday morning/early afternoon I was feeling a LOT better and it was a beautiful day out....YAHOO! By the time Saturday night rolled around, I was not only 'officially' no longer contagious, but I felt well enough to keep my plans for that night, which was to go see Varla Jean Merman and The Gold Dust Orphans in their production of 'The Phantom of the Oprah'.
I'm not going to go into a ton of detail about it, but I will say that if you're in the Boston area - you should really go and see this show. Really.
Not only is Varla Jean Merman an absolute RIOT in the show, but the entire thing was incredibly funny and so well done. I'm a big fan of The Orphans anyway, but adding Varla Jean Merman into the mix made it even better. They usually have a show of some sort going on down in P-Town during the summer, so if you can't get to Boston anytime soon, look for them down'll be a guaranteed great time.
Check out their website for details.

Sunday morning, Jim and I went to church and then I headed off to an all day/night rehearsal for RENT. We're working on the actual stage now, so that's fun....and while we still have a lot of work to do, it's all very exciting and the show is going to be GREAT. We had a sing-through of sorts with the band last night (it was really their rehearsal and we were there to sing along) and that was super exciting. It was their first time playing together as a group - and they were beyond good.
I can't wait to hear them again on Sunday, when we begin our tech week.

OK - so it's Monday and I'm going to be in training from 9-1, so I gots to get my ass in gear. The one class I've been to (we started on Thursday, and I was out sick on Friday) was really good - so I'm having high hopes for this process...I think it's going to be OK. :-)

First, I'm going to show some pictures of the latest updates to the nursery. For those of you on facebook, they may be old news and they were taken with my iPhone, so they may not be the clearest pictures ever, but you'll get the idea.
Also, they were taken at night, so you can't tell how bright the room can get. Trust me, it's much nicer when the sun is shining in.

Second, I'm going to throw in a couple of pictures that Barrie took from the rehearsal last night, so you can see the RENT set....which is a work in progress...not no criticisms. ;-)

Happy Monday!!!

This is a baby blanket that one of my best friends from college made for's awesome.

RENT set

Oh - this my new headset at work. :-)
I only use it for conference calls, but it makes me feel important.

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