Monday, March 22, 2010

3 Down, 15 to go!!!

We had a VERY good opening weekend. :-)

Opening night was very exciting and the show went well. Saturday night's show wasn't quite as good as Friday's but in spite of a few flubs here and there, it was a really good show. Surprisingly, the best show of the weekend was Sunday afternoon. I'm not sure why, but it was definitely the best one. It could have been because Friday night was all about getting over our 'first performance nerves', and Saturday was a bit nerve-wracking because there were a LOT of 'theatre people' in the audience. Sunday's show was kind of like..."OK, there are lots of old people in the audience. Have fun and make sure they know what's going on!!" Apparently that's the way to go. :-)
Either way, I'm happy to say that we had a few great shows, and now we just have to keep it up for the next 4 weekends.

I'm THRILLED to have the next few nights off though. Tonight I have nothing planned beyond going to the gym after work and getting to bed early. I'm still not quite caught up on my sleep yet. Sad, isn't it?
Tomorrow night, Jim and I are going to SpeakEasy's yearly benefit/fundraiser which will be fun. It was my Valentine's Day gift from Jim and I'm VERY exited about going. They're honoring our friend (and local theatre performer) Kerry Dowling, as well as Seth Rudetsky, who I'm a big fan of (and have mentioned here from time to time). He's a musician, author, actor, etc...etc...and he's also the host of the Broadway channel on Sirius radio.
I met him last September when I was in NYC and he was sooo funny and friendly.
I'm looking forward to see him again. I'll be FUN!

Well my friends, I haven't much more to report.
Jim and I have been watching the new series 'Parenthood'. Have you seen it? I think it's VERY good. Whenever we watch it there's always a point where I'm thinking "Oh my GOD - I don't want children." But then by the end of the episode, I can't even wait for us to get one. Great show.

Happy Monday!!!!


Cubby said...

Congratz John! I hope the rest of the shows go as well as the first three. Did the producers ever post anything about the show on YouTube?

P.S. Word Verification is "gutabs". Are they trying to tell me something???

Bear Me Out said...

Congrats again! Too bad how work interferes with life.
Break a leg.

Anonymous said...
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Ur-spo said...

I'm glad to hear your shows are working out.
Is there any truth that the audience helps the actors on stage " get more into it"?

Kyle said...

Congratulations John! I'm elated things went well. I know plenty of people who have done theater and their nights are are heaven.