Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Pump up the jam!!!

Go pump, go!!!!

It seems that our little sump pump is the 'Little Pump That Could'!!! Thankfully, in spite of the non-stop flow of water, our pump is doing exactly what it's supposed to do. The water in our basement is being kept at bay, even though the rain continued to fall throughout the day/night yesterday, and the lawn surrounding our house it BEYOND saturated.
It's like walking on a soaked sponge out there. Gross.

A section of our street is once again closed because the river is running OVER it, as opposed to under it. It's crazy to see all that water flowing where it ain't supposed to be!!!
I'm glad that we don't have to deal with severe flooding - unlike those unfortunate people in other parts of the state. Not to mention the folks in some parts of Rhode Island. On the news last night they were showing cops riding around neighborhoods on Jet Skis. Insanity.

The rain has stopped for the most part and we have some warm and sunny days ahead, which I'm hoping will help us all out.

Jim and I have a 'date' tonight with his mom. We're heading to 'Babies R Us' to look around and get some more ideas about what we want to buy and/or register for. Jim went with K & B a few weeks ago and got a TON of great ideas(I had to miss out on the fun, due to my strep attack), but we wanted to go back with his mom and do some more looking around. She was VERY excited about it, so I'm sure we'll have fun.

I'll be sure and let you know how it goes!!!

Happy Hump Day!!!!

Totally random, but here's a picture from the SpeakEasy event last week....

From left to right...Seth Rudetsky, his partner James, Me, Jim


Bear Me Out said...

Don't wash away!

Anonymous said...

Luckily I live on one of the five hills in the city of Providence so now flooding where I live.

However as you went downhill about a half mile it was a whole other story.

Atwells Ave between Eagle St. and Valley St. was completely blocked off and filled with water. The parking lots of Eagle Square were underwater.

Being kind of a nature geek I had to get pictures and video. It's all up on my flickr account.

AJohnP said...

Wow...that's amazing. I'm glad to hear that you escaped the flooding.
This morning on the radio they were talking about Cranston being under water as well as the Warwick Mall being submerged.
I should probably give my step-sister in Warwick a call....