Friday, March 26, 2010

Coffee Talk

Sorry I neglected the blog yesterday, but I was busy first thing in the morning yesterday, and then once my training was over for the day, I was once again busy, trying to get all my 'notes' in order and make sense of the stuff I just learned.

Anyway...the 'return to RENT' went quite well last night, considering the fact that we had three 'RENT free' nights. There were a couple of legit RENTheads in the audience that seemed to love every single second of the show. It was kind of fun having them there. They were two girls, sitting in the front row, off to the side, and they CLEARLY knew the show inside and out. You know the type, getting very excited for specific things moments before they occurred, and singing pretty much full out during 'La Vie Boehme'.
The best part was (and I love this about die-hard fans of any musical) that they were singing along and knew every word of the song, especially the sections that the cast was always struggling to remember in rehearsal. That song has lots of words in it...list after list, and those gals knew their lyrics!!! :-)
I saw them in the lobby after the show and they seemed totally start-struck with the cast members that were chatting with them. It was so fun to see them having such a great time during and after the show. Hooray for live theatre!!

So, on my way too the theatre I always stop to grab a coffee at the local Dunkin' Donuts. Last night I walk in, and there's a guy at the counter waiting for his coffee. He turns to me and says "Hey buddy, what's up?" I'm like "Hey." and noticed that he wasn't quite 'right'. He was kind of slurring his words and his eyes were glassy and bloodshot. He wasn't drunk, since I didn't smell any booze on him, but he was definitely on something.
And no...I know what y'all are thinking....he was not cute. He wasn't ugly, but he certainly wasn't what I'd consider attractive.
Of COURSE the conversation didn't end there (why me?) and went a little like this:

Wasted Man: This place is awesome. They let me add my own mocha, so it didn't overflow and spill.

Me: Cool.

WM: So, what do you do for work? Are you in construction?

Me: No, I work in software.

WM: Oh, I saw the work boots and hoped you were in construction. I'm a carpenter, but I haven't built a new house in like three years. I mean, I've done some work on remodels, but nothing new in a long time. (To the girl behind the counter) Do you guys have those little cream containers?

DD Employee: Ummmmm, no, but I can put some cream in a small cup for you.

WM: That would be awesome.

(I still haven't ordered my coffee at this point)

WM: (knocking on the DD counter in front of him) I love these countertops. My mom just put in new marble countertops at her house and they're amazing. They have like all these really shiny things in them so when the light hits them it's like a friggin' laser show in the's called midnight, electric blue and like, I'm not usually a fan of marble countertops, but these were cool.
So how did you get into software stuff?
(To the cashier) So you guys have sugar packets?

DD Employee: Actually, we're all out of the regular sugar packets, but I can put some in a cup for you if you want.

WG: (handing her his coffee) Actually, can you just put some more sugar in this? Like two or three scoops? That would be awesome. (To me) Sorry dude, I'm being such a pain in the's like I'm at Burger King or something - you know 'Havin' it my way'....

(A few, blessed moments of silence while I order, pay for, and receive my coffee, all the while he's stirring his and pouring in all the cream she had given him previously)

At this point, I'm getting my straw, and walking to my car, with him hot on my trail.

During the next 'exchange' he was totally doing that straight guy thing where he talks and sub-consciously rubs his stomach at the same time.
Normally I find that 'intriguing' - but not so much in this case.

WG: So like did you go to college and stuff?

ME: Yup.

WG: Like two years?

ME: Actually, I went for New Hampshire.

WG: New Hampshire? That's awesome. So how much does something like that cost? I'm wicked out of the loop when it comes to college and shit. I just haven't worked in so long and it's wicked hard with the economy and stuff and I love being a carpenter, but I need to go where the money is and I just don't know what I should do and when things are going to get better.....

ME: Well, that was a long time ago and I'm really not sure what it costs these days.

WG: Yeah, well my buddy's girlfriend - he let me borrow his truck - went to college to be a medical assistant and she owes a ton of money to the school and she's not even done yet, but she's a beautiful, beautiful girl and she loves it, so when she's done she'll have a masters or bachelors

ME: (interjecting) ....yeah, probably a bachelors......

WG: ...or whatever, I think and then she can like do whatever she wants as a medical assistant...and like travel and shit, which is awesome...

ME: Well, I REALLY have to take off. Good luck with everything and hopefully some work will come up for you.

WG: Yeah buddy, take care....good talking to you.

Sweet JESUS!! I thought I was going to have to call the theatre and tell them I was going to be late.
Thinking about it now, it's kind of sad. Actually, it's very sad.
He was CLEARLY on something, and unless he just came from donating blood (he was wearing short-sleeves, and I've seen enough episodes of Intervention on A&E to know what 'druggie arms' look like) I'm guessing it was something more than recreational use.

Oh well...hopefully he'll find some work in construction soon. Either that of he'll be moving into the vacant cube across the aisle from me. :-)

Have a GREAT weekend my to you on Monday!!



Nik_TheGreek said...

Have a nice weekend too!

Cubby said...

Cute story. I was getting nervous for you when you said he was hot on your trail. Glad he finally left you alone.

Kyle said...

Great story John, though unnerving for you. You are a much better person than I am.

MOJA said...

Why didnt his mom hire him to do the work on her kitchen?

Bear Me Out said...

having experienced / talked with / worked with(?) a few schizophrenics over the years, that was a quasi-logical conversation. Well done!

Admit it. You love improv.

Ur-spo said...

another good reason to switch over to tea!

cb said...

If only theater people could write dialog like that!

Anonymous said...

Grasshopper, sit by me and I will tell you the secret. This works about 95% of the time.

Learn the thousand yard stare. Learn it, live it, love it.

Stop the crazies dead in their tracks.

Of course I have that and I have the aggressive tendencies so I'll just come right out and say "So what is it you actually want?"

It's why I don't go out in public places like bars or clubs all that often if I can help it.