Monday, August 25, 2008

[tos]ome weekend.

The horrible thing about weekends is that they inevitably lead to Monday mornings. Poop.

My weekend was GREAT. After leaving this hell hole (know as work) on Friday afternoon, I came home to dinner on the table, my darling husband, and my ridiculously adorable dawg.
After eating, I hung around for a while, then made the trek into Boston to meet up with Kevin and Matt for a drink or 50. I met them at Anchovies on Columbus Ave and after a while, we headed over to Fritz. I love Fritz. Not only is it a place where you're bound to see some people you know (or see some people you know, bound), but it's a totally relaxed bar where you don't feel the pressure to be all primped and pretty....unlike that 'other' place - which feels more like the make-up counter at Saks than a gay bar. No thank you...if I'm out to have fun, I don't want to worry about what I look like. Anyway, we ran into a gang of softball friends and some other random folks we all knew, so it was fun. I ended up leaving a little before 1am, since it's such a long-ish ride home. It's not THAT long really (about 45 minutes), but at that hour it might as well be 3 hours. I love going out with Kevin and Matt...they're fun - and can drink like sailors.

Saturday was CRAMAZING (crazy/amazing). Jim and I got up early, packed up Scooter's overnight bag (who said we were gay?) and started our long-ass, fun day. We dropped Scooter off at Classie Canines for the night (he was excited out of his mind, as usual) and then we began the trip to NYC.
Cut to about 4 hours later...the ride was fine and fairly uneventful with a stop or two along the way...nothing interesting. We arrived in Manhattan at about 12:30, so we were getting hangry (hungry/angry) and were looking to eat lunch. Now, I know we're going to come off as super-touristy, but save your judgment for someone who cares. :-) We decided to grab lunch at the Olive Garden in Times Square. I know, I know....we're in NYC where there are a million and ten great places to eat, so why would we go to a place where we can go any day of the week? Well, it's pretty simple. We needed to pee, we've been there before so we knew what to expect, and given it's location - it's super-duper people watching territory. For the record, the food was very good and at least it wasn't TGI Fridays or Sbarro. After lunch, Jim and I walked around for a bit since we still had time to kill before the 3pm show. We walked around and looked at all the theatres, took a walk up to and through Central Park and then headed to the theatre.

As far as [title of show] is concerned, I loved it more than I ever thought I would. I mean, I knew I would love it - but it was SO much more than I expected. It was funny, touching, exciting and the cast was simply amazing - I couldn't have asked for anything more. Each cast member was great in their own way...and together they made the perfect little show. I was happy to see that Jim really enjoyed it too. I knew that I would, because I'm a complete musical theatre freak - but Jim, although a musical theatre fan, is not as crazy/obsessed with random theatre-y facts like I am. Even though there were a few 'insidery' things that he missed, it didn't make him feel left out or excluded from the overall story. I loved it and I think that anyone reading this should go see it as soon as possible. And bring a lot of people with you...they'll totally love it.

I did the stage door thing - and while I was a tad worried about coming off as a complete loon, I'm so glad I didn't worry about it and just did it. Let me just say - it was a blast. All 4 of them (5 including the pianist/5th cast member, Larry) were SOOO nice and totally knew who Jim and I were. Granted, I have been a fan of theirs (and their blog) for a while now. For about a year and a half, (long before this Broadway 'thing' happened) I'd been in email/Facebook contact with them every so often. They were well aware that there was a 'John in Boston' that was a crazy [tos] fan...and they all knew who Scooter was, because I has sent them a picture or two of him as well. Anyway...they all came out and said how nice it was to meet us, how great it was that we made the trip for the day and craziest of all, they all asked how Scooter was!! It was very fun to talk to them about the show, the changes that they made and of course, how much we loved it. They are a great group of people. After talking to them all, Jim and I went to go but some [tos] merchandise, but they had already closed up shop for the afternoon. Damn it.
We ended up walking around for a little bit to check out some of the suggestions Heidi made(yes, Heidi gave us several suggestions for places to eat dinner - crazy), but ended up at some random place (The Brooklyn Diner) which was actually quite good. After dinner, we decided to head back over the the theatre and give the merchandise buying another shot. Thankfully, they were already selling stuff before the 8pm show (it was just about 7pm at this point) so we each bought a t-shirt, we bought a magnet, and 2 [tos] pencils. Good Times. Now that we had some [tos] goodies, we made one last trip to the boy's room and hit the road.
Car ride - uneventful and not too trying, although I was TIRED. We got home around 11:30 or so and went immediately to was a pretty damn good day.

Yesterday was spent cleaning - me inside, Jim outside (as usual) - then we went out after lunch and ran some errands. those errands included returning the bottles and cans we've accumulated since God knows when. Ummmm - we returned 688 bottles and cans. Thank you, very much. After that fiasco - we went to Lowes, Dempsey's, the pet store, and finally Trucchi's for groceries. Four stores I enjoy going to. It wasn't overly exciting, but still, it was fun.
Jim made a yummy yummy dinner (stuffed peppers and his own special risotto-ish rice dish) followed by a family outing (sister-in law, with husband and children as well as brother-in law with wife) to Skinner's for ice cream....or frozen yogurt, in my case. It was a nice, low-fat ending to the weekend.

All in all, it was a great weekend.
Go to New York and see [title of show] - and then tell 9 people. (

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I'm glad you had fun. It was a blast!