Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Hump Day

I'm apologizing now for the lack of blog today. I got to work about an hour later than normal and I'm all kinds of behind. Since Jim is away, I made a slight adjustment to my morning routine so that I wouldn't screw up Scooter's schedule. He was great this morning. It was funny though...I had to actually wake him up. He was SOUND asleep and when the alarm went off, he didn't move a muscle. Once I woke him up though, he was fine. After taking him out, I took my shower, got dressed, fed him, walked him and then I took off for work. I think he was more than happy to get into his crate and sleep. He was practically asleep when I left.

I took a later train than normal and it sucked. What a mess. Who knew that an hour could make such a difference?!?! There were three times the people on the later train (7:08am) than are on my normal train (6:10am)....and it was irritating. Add to that the fact that the HORRIBLE guitar player was out in full force this morning....good Lord he pisses me off.

Anyway....I'm at work enjoying my coffee and it's time to get busy.
This is my sleepy puppy....

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Brettcajun said...

Your puppy is SO GORGEOUS!!! So are you crate training him? Will he eventually get to sleep with you in the bed?