Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Random Tid-Bits

On Monday morning, a woman wait, running down the stairs to get to the Red Line platform slipped and fell. HARD. I'm not sure why she was running, since there wasn't a train approaching, but for some unknown reason she was hauling ass. She had a big ol' purse thrown over her right shoulder, a lunch bag (or something similar) in her right hand and a medium hot coffee from Dunkin' Donuts in her left hand. Because of this, when she lost her footing on the step, she had no way to stop herself. She went down, landing on her ass, slid a few steps and then managed to stop herself by CRUSHING the coffee into the railing along the way. Seriously, the Styrofoam cup shattered (as much as Styrofoam can) and coffee went everywhere. Since there was a railing separating us - I was walking down the left side (there were no people coming up, so I wasn't in any one's way) - all I could do was stop to make sure she was ok. She was fine...other than being covered in coffee, most likely a tad sore from the initial fall, and extremely embarrassed. She managed to get up (leaving the shattered coffee cup behind - litterbug) and pulled herself together. It was very exciting....and I didn't even laugh. Until I talked to Jim later that morning and re-told the story. THEN I laughed.

This morning I encountered two men (not together) on the same Orange Line train singing out loud while listening to their iPods. I then passed by another man in the Copley Mall sitting on the chairs by the escalator doing the exact same thing. Three men, all wearing headphones, all singing out loud. And they were all doing that thing that makes me insane. (As if singing along to music only they can hear isn't annoying enough) They were all singing in a quiet, crazy falsetto, with horrible diction so it was like "Am I hearing things? Or is someone singing?". Irritating.
Note to the headachey, headphone wearing subway singers: If you're going to sing along to your iPod, take it down the octave. And try consonants...they're there for a reason.

There's a man who works the overnight shift here (in systems) and every morning when I'm coming into work he's leaving for the day. Or is it night? My day, his night. Anyway...the thing that gets me is, he's about 5 feet tall (if that) and he's always wearing the same thing. Dirty, filthy, pants that are seriously about 4 sizes too big for him, held up by suspenders. And when I say held up, I MEAN held up. Like, clown pants, as in - if the suspenders were ever to fall off his shoulders, he's be pants-less. He wears these same pants every day along with a filthy, dirty t-shirt to match. It's insane. I mean, I totally get it. He works overnight, so it doesn't make sense for him to have a 'dress code'. However, when the homeless guy who's getting his coffee next to me at Au Bon Pain looks better than one of my co-workers....something needs to be done.

I'm bringing my shoes to the cobbler today at lunch. Isn't that FUN?!?! Who the hell goes to a cobbler in 2008??? I love's so old-timey. "I'll be right back, I have to drop my shoes off at the cobbler." "I'm running a few errands at lunch, dropping off the dry cleaning, running to the post office, and stopping by the cobbler...hold my calls."
Anyway, I have a pair of shoes that are in perfect condition except that the sole is coming off a bit at the heel on my right shoe. It seems like it should be a cheap and easy fix so I'm CERTAINLY not throwing them out when I can have them cobbled!
Is cobble a verb? It is now.

Happy Hump Day!! (that's dirty)

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