Thursday, August 21, 2008

Crabby Pants

Clearly I’m not having a good day. When my 'blogging day' begins at 2:25pm – you know something ain’t right.
Where do I begin? (To tell the story of how great a love can be….'Love Story'? Anyone? Anyone? No one.)
So the day started off fine, I got up, took Scooter out, took a shower, got everything all packed up for the day and dropped Scooter off at daycare. Side note: today was the very first time that I dropped him off - Jim usually does it - and it was the cutest thing ever. They love him there and he CLEARLY loves it. He was so excited and was running around like a wild dog. Hysterical.
Aaaaaand I’m back.
After dropping him off I decided that I had plenty of time to get from the doggie daycare place (Classie Canines, by the way) to my usual train stop in order to catch the 7:08 train to South Station. As I pull into my parking spot (at 7:00), I hear a train whistle. I begin to panic, thinking that I had the time wrong and I was about to miss the train. Well, as it turns out, the train whistle I heard was the whistle of the 6:10 train that had JUST left the station. Nice. Nothing like a 40 minute delay to get your day started off on the completely wrong foot.
Knowing that my train was most likely going to be delayed, I just sucked it up and headed towards the platform. Thankfully, my train was ‘only’ 20 minutes late, but it was CROWDED. I found a seat and at the next stop, a G-I-A-N-T woman wedged herself into my seat. She apparently thought nothing of the fact that her arm fat was slapping up against me every time she moved. I spent the entire ride trying to make myself as small as possible and tried (in vain) to cram myself up against the window in an attempt to keep clear of the land mass to my left.
Finally we arrived at South Station around 8:30.
I decided that it wasn’t worth the aggravation for me to try and rush through the crowds, so I took my sweet-ass time getting to the subway. I was totally right, since all the people I saw running and pushing their way down to the subway were all standing there on the platform waiting for the next train. I arrived calm, cool, and collected. Of course, Mr. Horrible singer was in his usual spot on the platform, but today he was ‘singing’ a ballad instead of his usual up-beat, makes you want to throw yourself onto the third rail, classic “Jesus Woke Me Up This Mornin’ Lord’. The train had JUST left, so we were all held captive listening to him repeat the same line over and over again sometimes a cappella, sometime with his guitar (or whatever the fuck that thing is he’s playing) strumming along in the background. Sheer torture.
Sorry….I just realized that I’ve written a lot so far, and although it’s making me feel so much better – I’m not sure how entertaining it is to read. Well, you know what? I’m writing all of this for me anyway, so if you don’t like it, you can screw!! Kidding…I hope you don’t hate me.
I’ll cut to the chase….I got to work an hour and a half later than normal, had to rush through my morning Internet searches so I could get coffee before my 10am meeting, after my meeting I had to run through a few tests that took FOREVER because our system was SO slow (no idea why) and then I uncovered a bunch of issues that need to be addressed. That’s actually a good thing. It’s not only my job, but since things weren't working properly it allowed me to meet my co-worker Chris for lunch (we meet every day – unless he’s super busy) and then run to the library. I had to return the book I just finished reading and take out a new one.
Now I’m at my desk, writing a bog entry for today. I’m about to get some water and do a quick check to see if my developers have fixed any of my issues yet. My work issues....not my personal issues.

Thanks for reading….if you’re reading….and allowing me to vent.

I feel much better.

For fun:
This is me and my husband on our wedding day:

This is me with a beard:

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