Friday, August 29, 2008

Ghost Town

First of all, I will no longer comment on the Red Sox until after they win (or lose)...sorry guys. :-)

Second of all, it is a GHOST TOWN here this morning. Granted, it's still early - but my goodness! There was hardly anyone on the trains this morning and barely any 'foot traffic' getting from the train station to work. Crazy. Of course, it is the Friday before a long weekend, so I'm not all that surprised.

I don't have a lot to say this morning, other than the fact that is is FRIDAY and I'm totes excited. The use of 'totes' was for all you hip kids that read this blog. What? No hip kids are reading my blog? Well that's sad. Anyhoo...I'm very excited that it's Friday. Jim and I have a crazy, fun-filled weekend coming up which means you'll have a lot to read about on Tuesday morning.
Scooter was groomed yesterday, so he's all handsome and clean for the upcoming weekend as well.

Since I don't have much to say this morning, I'll entertain y'all with some photos...thanks to B for the third one down...stolen directly from her blog. :-)

Everyone have a safe, and happy (LONG) weekend!!!!

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DanNation said...

Nice to meet you, too! I'm an avid Red Sox fan but unfortunately live 3,000 miles away from Fenway but only two blocks from the SF Giant's AT&T Park - oh well.

Happy weekend!