Friday, August 15, 2008

"Sad to be all alone in the world...."

First thing, 'Thoroughly Modern Millie' at the The Company Theatre was GREAT last night. I loved, loved, loved it. Such a fun, well-cast, and overall excellent time. Nice job, people!!!!

So, I saw another fox on the way to work this morning.....

Red Foxx? Anyone? Anyone? No one. Moving on....

So, my day started off SO annoying this morning. There's a man that 'performs' on the Orange Line platform at Downtown Crossing from time to time who succeeds in pissing me off more than any other performer has before. He is SOOO awful. He's an extremely loud singer and plays a guitar that is completely out of tune. His song of choice (every day) is "Jesus woke you up this morning, Lord....I'll fly away." Seriously? Do I need to hear his off-key, NON-STOP screeching at 7 in the morning?!? No, I don't. Not only is his singing an abomination to all things musical, but whenever he's not singing he's talking. At least I think he's's completely incoherent, for he has about 3 teeth in his head. All I can make out is "Jesus..." - "Blood in your veins..." - "Praise God..." - "All the little children..." We went for a few weeks without his presence but this morning he re-appeared, much to the dismay of my fellow commuters. Two people I was walking next to made comments (to no one in particular) when we heard his un-mistakable voice from down the hall. "Oh fuck. He's Back." one man said, followed by "It was so nice when he was gone." from the woman walking in front of me. I completely understand that he's just trying to make a living like the rest of us, but he really needs to do it quieter, on pitch, and on a different platform.

Enough of that! It's Friday, Jim and I are going to dinner tonight with Karen and Barrie (YAY!) and then we have all sorts of exciting things going on both Saturday and Sunday.

I'll fill y'all in later....stay tuned. And by y'all I guess I really mean me....because I don't think anyone else reads this. :-)


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