Friday, May 29, 2009

Rain, Rain Go Away!!!

This weather is UNACCEPTABLE.
Here it is, May 29th, and not only have we been dealing with a week full of drizzly, gray days - but it is also COLD out!!!

I know this has kind of turned into 'theatre week' on my blog - but there have been a lot of exciting theatre related things going on in my life lately, which brings me to the fact that I COMPLETELY forgot to mention that my beloved [title of show] is getting it's Boston premiere in January of 2010.

Long story short - Paul Daigneault (the founder and Producing Artistic Director of SpeakEasy Stage Company) has been trying to get the rights to [title of show] since it was in its embryonic stages. We're talking back when it was a little-bitty off-Broadway show, WAY before it moved to Broadway.

Well, he knew that I was a major [tos] fan and that I had been in contact with the authors/stars of the show - because I'm a complete theatre dork - so he asked me to put in a good word for him. This was back in March of this year.
Fast forward to the beginning of this month when I find out that SpeakEasy was given the rights (there was at least one other Boston theatre who was trying to get them as well) and according to an email I received from one of the [tos] authors, I was a 'big reason they got it'.
So exciting and totally fun.
Either way, I'm thrilled that it will be seen in Boston..."And I Helped!!!"

In addition to [title of show]; I think they have an excellent 2009-2010 season lined up.....take a peek:

The Savannah Disputation by Evan Smith (featuring Nancy E. Carroll and Paula Plum)
9/18 - 10/17
Reckless by Craig Lucas (featuring Marianna Bassham, Larry Coen, and Paula Plum)
11/13 - 12/12
[title of show] Music and Lyrics by Jeff Bowen, Book by Hunter Bell
1/15 - 2/13
Adding Machine: A Musical Original Music by Joshua Schmidt, Libretto by Jason Loewith and Joshua Schmidt (featuring Brendan McNab)
3/12 - 4/10
The Great American Trailer Park Musical Music and Lyrics by David Nehls, Book by Betsy Kelso (featuring Leigh Barrett, Mary Callanan and Kerry A. Dowling)
4/30 - 5/29


As I was typing up this entry, I got an email from my softball coach and team manager letting me know that I was selected as one of the team all-stars for the BSL All Star game on June 8th!!!

I'm truly honored and very happy to have been chosen.

This year they're playing the all-star game on the Boston Common on Monday night, June 8th as a kick-off event for Boston's Gay Pride week, so it should draw a large crowd and be a gay old time!!!

Oh I'm nervous.
Thank GOD I don't have to pick out something to wear!!!

Have a great weekend everyone!!!

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RG said...

It's now Sunday and there's not a cloud in the sky. In fact, you saw me on the softball fields yesterday before I sunburned my face! LOL

So, yes John-a-licious, the rain did go away.