Monday, May 4, 2009

A Gray, Gray Monday.

Well, well, well. It's Monday...and it certainly feels it. Blah.
I wonder if Mondays would be so horrible if the weekends weren't always so much fun?
Maybe I should try to have a HORRIBLE weekend and see if Monday is a better day.....

Yes, this weekend was a lot of fun.

Friday night we had our pre-opening day 'party' (for softball) at The Alley and then some of my teammates, Jim and I headed over to Machine for drinks and dancing in celebration of Kevin's birthday. I can't remember the last time I went out 'dancing'.....but we had a LOT of fun!!!

Can I just say how GREAT the staff at The Alley are? They were extremely accommodating to all of us, and were so great to let us have the event there. Hip, hip hooray for The Alley!!!

We got up on Saturday morning (we slept in a bit later than usual) and I headed to the fields to catch the Opening Day Ceremony....which I ended up missing because I had the time wrong.
It was nice to get there early though and watch a few games before we had to play.

Unfortunately we got KILLED in our game, but we still managed to have a good time. In spite of the loss, I played well, so that made me happy. Unfortunately, we had a lot of 'off-season kinks' to work out. Now that they're gone, I'm anticipating a huge improvement this Saturday when we play our next game.

After the massacre, Jim and I went out to dinner to celebrate his birthday and then headed to 'The Grille' for drinks and to watch the Celtics game. We sat at the bar to watch the game (as well as the Red Sox game) and ended up being 2 of the last 4 people left in the entire place by the time the game ended. The bartender was nice enough to stay there until the end, even though it was past their normal closing time and she didn't seem too interested in the game.
Both teams won so Jim's birthday got of to a very good start.

Sunday morning, Jim and I got up, ate breakfast, showered and headed out to go grocery shopping. Once that was done, we got home and cleaned the house in preparation for his family's arrival at 1pm. In true Sullivan fashion, his parent's arrived about 25 minutes early, followed by one of his sisters about 10 minutes later. Even though we were just finishing up cleaning, it was fine. They're family so it's not like we're trying to impress them or anything.
We should really know by now that they'll be arriving up to a half hour earlier than the decided time. It's totally fine parents do the EXACT same thing.
Ah, parents.

Everything with the day went well....there was lots of great food, lots of games and I think Jim had a great time. He got a couple of gift cards to Miltons so he can buy a new suit, some clothes, a few yards of mulch for the yard (doesn't everyone get mulch for their birthday???) and a Lowe's gift card. I got him Mario Kart for Wii, an extra steering wheel (so that we can race), a 'Wii Speak' for his Animal Crossing game (so that he, Barrie and Melissa can all chat with one another when they're at home playing - Barrie and Melissa, go and get yours today!!) and I got him an LG Xenon cell phone.

I don't think it's exactly what he wanted - because it doesn't seem to be able to do all the things he wants it for. He's going to look at it more today and stop by the AT & T store to talk to the person there in more detail about it. If it's not going to allow him to check his Gmail and do the stuff he wants, he can get a different phone, but at least it's a starting point.

It's really odd because there are 12 numbers (all the same AT & T phone number) that are saved in his 'Contacts' - and they're not deletable. Which means that the first 12 numbers in his phone book are all AT & T numbers that he can't get rid of. Is that not the dumbest thing ever?
We called two different times and both people said that it's just the way it is. D-U-M-B!!!
Anyway - hopefully he'll be able to get that settled today....he's been 'cell phoneless' since the middle of March.

OK everyone...enjoy the start of your week and in spite of the yucky weather (up here at least) keep smiling!!!



Jim Sullivan said...

Thank you for the wonderful gifts! This weekend was great, and you are the best husband ever!

RG said...

We lost all three of our games this past weekend, but it was great getting a great big hug from you!

My legs and butt are so sore - middle age SUCKS! LOL