Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Tony, Tony, Tony!!!!

Good day everyone!!

I’m working in a different office this morning, so I have to be brief…..two quick things.

The TONY Award nominations were announced this morning, and my BELOVED [title of show] picked itself up one nomination.
Hunter Bell was nominated for Best Book of a Musical….and I’m sure he’s beside himself with glee.
Yes, I would have loved for them to get more nominations, but the fact that they were nominated at all (since the show closed in October) is pretty amazing.

I’m not too surprised at the way things went, but I bet the gang over at ‘9 to 5’ were counting on a Best Musical nod….OOPS!!!!
I bet they’ll still perform during the show, especially since Dolly Parton was nominated for Best Musical score. We shall see.

The second thing is that my husband has caved into peer pressure and joined the blog world. I’m sure his blog will be chock full of fun and entertaining things.
Stop by and check it out!!!!

Have a great day and I’ll write more tomorrow, when I’m more at ‘home’.

Here's a picture of Jim and I with TONY NOMINATED Hunter Bell from [title of show] - and fellow [tos] castmate, the ridiculously talented Heidi Blickenstaff....


cb said...

I'm concerned about 9 to 5. I want it to be good, but fear it will be another little mermaid.

AJohnP said...

I've heard that if you're a fan of the movie, and are looking for a fun show (without having to think at all), then you'll enjoy it. The three ladies are all super talented, and I could watch Marc Kudich in anything and be entertained. :-)