Friday, May 15, 2009

"Well, Here We Are Again...."

"I guess it must be fate..."

Thank you very much.

That's from a little ditty I'm sure you're all familiar with ('After All') and I dedicate it to all the Peter Cetera and Cher fans out there.
Wait - do any Peter Cetera and Cher fans even exist?

I need to tell you all that my dear friend Melissa and I sang that song at her sister's wedding reception many moons ago.
I'm pretty sure we were amazing.

Here's a photo as proof.

Melissa sent this to me, and I was laughing for about 20 minutes. Can we talk about my hair? Her hair? My face?
Yikes...gotta love the 80s, huh??? we are again on a Friday.

The weather here in Boston is kind of crappy today. It's overcast and drizzly, but thankfully it's not too chilly out. According to the weather reports, it's supposed to be like this all weekend...kind of cloudy and looking like it could rain at any moment.
I'm just hoping that the rain holds off!!

We have a busy weekend ahead. We're getting together with a couple of friends tonight (I don't know exactly what we're doing, but I'm SURE it'll be fun) then tomorrow I have a softball game at noon, followed by a dance recital tomorrow night - watching, not performing ;-) - followed by a birthday celebration for one of my softball teammates (Happy Birthday Matt!!).
After the recital, Jim and I are meeting up with everyone at Ramrod/Machine to celebrate Matt's b-day. Tomorrow night also happens to be a karaoke fundraiser for the Ramrod/Machine softball team, so we'll not only be celebrating Matt's arrival into the world, but showing our support for a fellow team.
Hoooray for us!!

Sunday we have a double header starting at noon and after my two games I'm meeting Jim at a friend's graduation party.
As if that wasn't enough - I have ANOTHER softball game on Monday night at 7:30 on the Boston Common. If any of you Boston readers have nothing to do on Monday night - stop by to watch!!!

Needless to say, I'm sure I'll be more than ready for a nap once Monday night rolls around.

But I'm getting ahead of myself....I'm sure you'll be hearing from me on Monday morning.

Have a GREAT weekend!!!


NOTE: After going back and forth via e-mail and getting through many fits of hysterical laughter, Melissa and I came to the conclusion that it wasn't 'After All' that we sang, but the EXTREMELY similar sounding 'All My Life' as sung by Linda Ronstadt and Aaron Neville.

Proving that all the power ballad duets of the 80s are completely interchangable.

Either way, we totally rocked.


Anonymous said...

IT is amazing that we can even see you behind my bangs!! :-)


Jim S. said...

I love the picture at the top of Gloria Estefan and Lea DeLaria. Can't wait to see the one of you and Melissa....

RG said...

Forget the fact of the styling of your hair - you HAD HAIR!

Oh and Melissa honey - the tragedy of 80's big hair!