Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Humpty Dumpty Day

I've never really thought about what a HORRIBLE name that is for a nursery rhyme character.
Not only does it have the word HUMP in it, but it also has DUMP in it.
Gross...I'm never reciting that nursery rhyme ever again.

And I think he's quite creepy....

Can I just say that Jim has only had his blog for 3 days and he already has more followers than I do?!?!
It's up to you people to change know what to do.

In case you can't tell, I'm kind of scatter-brained today. It's very chilly here, and it's been raining like crazy the past couple of days. It's true that all this rain is great for our lawn and all the flowers in our gardens, but it really sucks for us humans. Especially us softball playing humans who are going to be dealing with mud puddles and horrible conditions at the softball fields all weekend unless things dry out - and fast!

There's so much going on right now at work, it's kind of insane. Not anything bad, but it's really busy....which is good, I suppose - except that I'm tired and don't feel like using my noggin.
Clearly, I have no choice. If I don't use my brain, the work won't get done, and if the work isn't done, then I don't keep my job...which is wicked bad.

On that note - I'm going back to work....Happy Hump Day to you and go to that side bar thingy and follow me. ;-)


Anonymous said...

I cant follow you because I dont have any of those accounts.


Brettcajun said...

He is prolly giving sexual favors to all those who follow him. Maybe if YOU did that... ;)

RG said...

Brettcajun - John doesn't give sexual favors to anyone, trust me - I've tried to weasel a LEAST a tonsil-hockey kiss out of him at the softball fields, but to no avail. Sigh....DAMN JIM! LOL

The fields should be okay, at least we won't have sand blowing in our faces as we catch for our respective teams. No pun intended.