Friday, May 8, 2009


After a rainy, chilly and overall yucky week - Friday has arrived, and it's a lovely far.

Speaking of lovely days....the song and musical I was referring to last week was the song 'Angry Guy/Lovely Day' from the musical Three Guys Naked From The Waist Down - a 1985 off-Broadway show...which was produced back in 1992-1993 at SpeakEasy Stage Company in Boston.
There's your answer...and a bit of musical theatre trivia for you to tuck away somewhere.
There was no winner, but Jim gets an honorable mention for mentioning 'The Life' - a Broadway show which is near and dear to our hearts.

"Fat Girls to the BACK!!!"

This is the CD artwork from Three Guys Naked....

Yes, if you were wondering, that is Scott Bakula (from Quantum Leap) wearing the sunglasses.

Last night we (the Scoops) had a VERY productive softball practice, with a lot of our time spent on hitting. Since we were NOT hitting the way that we should in last Saturday's game, it was time well spent. We have 3 games this weekend (1 on Saturday and 2 on Sunday) so I'm hoping that we show significant improvement.

Speaking of softball....if any of you Boston area readers are looking for something to do on Saturday night, come to Fritz and support our team. We're having our annual fundraiser that night and would LOVE to have a lot of people there. There will be door prizes, a raffle with prizes that include; Red Sox tickets, Celtics tickets, and some other delightful things. In addition to all that, there will be a 50/50 raffle and make your own sundaes!!! I'm pretty sure we're doing the sundae thing....we did it last year and it was a success...and the ice cream is REALLY good.

Even if the sundae thing isn't happening, there will be lots of cute softball players, a chance to win some great prizes, and alcohol. :-)

Tonight Jim and I are having some friends stay over who are visiting from New York, and we're VERY excited to see's been a really long time and I'm sure we'll have a fun night.

I hope you all have a great weekend!!!!

Oh - and HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY you all you mothers that are reading my blog.


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RG said...

My team, The Pirates, is SO going to kick YOUR teams' butt on Sunday.

We too had a great practice last night, and I must say, the bats are looking good and so are some of my teammates who I would kneel before in a heartbeat, AT home plate, with the league watching! (Like THAT'S a surprise? LOL)

I look forward to seeing you squat behind the home plate on Sunday. You're still cute, even with the noticeable winter weight gain. ;)