Tuesday, May 26, 2009

What Day Is It? Where Am I?

Ah...nothing like returning to work after a long weekend and having no idea what's going on. :-)

Quick weekend re-cap:

Friday: I ran into blog reader and USPS employee, 'G' at South Station on my way home, which was an unexpected and delightful treat. WORD!
I got home, changed into shorts (it was H-O-T out!), ate dinner and then Jim and I headed back into Boston to see 'Grey Gardens' at The Lyric Stage. It was SOOOO good. I had a feeling I was going to enjoy myself, but it was really outstanding. Jim wasn't as familiar with the show as I was and he too really enjoyed it.
It's such a fascinating story and a they have a really talented cast. Go see it if you can still get your hands on some tickets. Call today!!!

Saturday: Jim and I went shopping at a local outlet mall and while I only ended up buying a pair of sneakers, Jim did really well. He's lost 30 pounds over the past 5 months, so he really needed to buy some new clothes for the summer. He looks GREAT and really got some nice stuff to show off his new 'figure'. :-)
However, for those of us who HAVEN'T lost 30 pounds, I don't suggest a shopping trip with someone who has. I left there depressed and feeling like a beached whale. We left the outlets, grabbed a quick and healthy lunch (relatively healthy at least), did a bit more shopping at Lowe's (seriously, one of my favorite stores) and then went to a cookout at my sister's house later that night. My Dad and Betty stopped by, which was a very nice surprise since we haven't seen them since December.

Sunday: Early in the morning, we packed up Scooter and headed down the Cape to spend the day with Jim's family. Although the weather wasn't the greatest, we had a really good time. We played games, played whiffle ball, ate lunch, then did a little shopping. Scooter was in HEAVEN because we let him off his leash at the baseball fields (it was completely fenced in). He was going after all the balls, and ended up destroying 2 out of the 5 that we had. He loved running around and in spite of the ball destruction, he was very well-behaved.
Jim and I didn't stay for dinner, but instead headed home and took naps. I fell asleep from about 5:45 until 8:00. Yikes. I'm not one for taking naps, but apparently I needed one.

I got up and then Jim and I were toying with the idea of getting dressed and going out, but we quickly decided that we were more interested in staying home, ordering Chinese food and staying on the couch. :-) Excellent idea.

Monday: Jim spent the day finishing up the back yard (mulching the gardens, seeding the lawn, etc...) while I tidied up the house, did laundry, and entertained Scooter. We took a quick break for lunch and resumed the 'chores'. Once Jim was done with the garden, he showered and we headed to the grocery store. We ate an early dinner and then I took off for my softball game under the lights on the Boston Common.
Our game was against the team that we played on opening day who beat us 17-8 so we were VERY happy to beat them last night 13-4. There were a lot of people there watching the game and a good time was had by all.

So, that's my weekend....I'm looking forward to a very quiet day today...so keep your fingers crossed for me that it works out in my favor.

Don't forget to go and see 'Pirates!' at the Huntington Theatre and 'Grey Gardens' at the Lyric...they both make for some wicked good theatah.



Anonymous said...

What a great weekend!! We get out of school soon, lets get together in June for a day of fun. :-)


Jim said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend!