Thursday, April 30, 2009

"'Cause It's A Lovely Day...."

The first person who knows what musical theatre song that lyric comes from wins a prize!!!
I don't know what the prize will be, but I know there will be a couple of faithful readers who would know the answer without even thinking!! IS in fact a lovely day outside, so I'm not just quoting musical theatre for no reason at all.

Not that that's a bad thing...but I digress.

Quick American Idol chat - Matt went home (not surprised) last night and apparently Adam was in the bottom two. Do you think that's my fault? Because I didn't love him the other night, he's now doomed to fail? I highly doubt it.
I will say this however, I don't believe for one second that he was actually in the bottom two.
Methinks that it's all a big scam. I think it's all being manipulated to cover up the fact that he's been set-up to be the winner for a long time now.
Enough of this AI talk.

Tonight it my final softball practice before opening day. The final dress rehearsal, if you will.

As I've mentioned before, it's really not a true test for me until we start playing actual games. As a catcher, practice generally consists of me helping out whoever is hitting the ball during the fielding drills and catching the balls thrown in by the guys in the infield. I don't get any 'real' practice making plays at home, throwing people out at first, etc...etc...until we're in a game situation. Hopefully, all the catching and throwing I've been doing the past few weeks will be enough to get me back into the swing of things (pun intended).

You can be sure that there will be plenty of softball updates on here, but I'll do my best to not make it all about softball. Remember that, I'll do my best. No promises. ;-)

Have a nice day, and I'll be sure and write some more tomorrow!!!!

My faithful reader (and crazy Tek fan - get in line!!) Joanne, sent me some delightful pictures this morning.
Since this is a fairly sports related post - I'm posting them today.
ENJOY! We certainly did.....

And our personal favorite....


Jim Sullivan said...

Cause it's a lovely day to be outta jail...The Life! What do I win?

AJohnP said...

Sorry, that may be AN answer...but it's not the CORRECT answer.
You win nothing.
Actually, I don't think she ever says 'Cause' made that up.
Sorry! But I'm glad that you added a picture to your profile!

RG said...

How many times do I have to tell you to leave Jason Varitek alone? He's mine to stalk.

If you're nice I MIGHT share, after I've divorced him. :)

RG said...

Oh and one more thing: I'm catching again this year too, and my butt is so sore from up and down, up and down - and not the good kind either!

Julie said...

John...I totally agree with your AI analysis! Also, the Varitek's divorce is going through the courts now...just a little longer till he's a free man!

Anonymous said...

its a lovely day for mary...mary poppins??-moja

Uncle Richard said...

Well, I called on my "voices" (a Dear World reference) and the best we can come up with is "It's A Lovely Day" from Call Me Madam by Irving Berlin. BUT, and as Faith Prince says, it's a big but, there is no "'cause" in that lyric either. I, of course, adore the Pam Dawber/Rex Smith rendition of "It's A Lovely Day" from the 1982 Tony Awards! And, frankly, ... I don't know about the prize, I don't care about the prize, I don't give a f**k about the prize... I'm giving this contest to Jim for making me laugh with a nod to "The Life". Oh, daddy!!!