Monday, January 25, 2010


For the first time in a long time I wasn’t freezing my parts off when I went out to my car this morning. In fact, I was OVERDRESSED it was so warm out.
Granted, the higher temps come with a price. We’re supposed to have a very windy and rainy day today – BUT at least it isn’t snowing!!!

Jim and I had a fairly quiet weekend.
Friday night we had dinner at home and then went out with our friend Charles for a few drinks at the local watering hole. It was practically empty and Charles had to work early on Saturday so we weren’t out late at all.

On Saturday morning Jim and I woke up and lounged around for a bit, took Scooter for a walk, did the bills, and of course…..did the laundry. Early in the afternoon Jim went to his friend’s father’s memorial service while I stayed home and did some stuff around the house. He got back around dinner time, so we ate dinner and then picked up his mom and 2 sisters and we went to meet up with a group of his cousins who were up visiting from North Carolina.
We all walked into the restaurant where we were meeting them, and they came running at us like it was a reunion special on 'Oprah'. It was so funny and completely unexpected. I’d only met them all once before, but they came at me like I was one of their long lost relatives. It was great.
It’s so nice to know that we’re a part of such a huge, accepting family. Yes…..I know how lucky we are and I certainly don’t take it for granted.

They were all extremely excited about us adopting and wanted to hear all the details.

Side Note: One of Jim’s cousins is building a new house (on the water) that has 8,000 square feet of living area, and that’s not counting the 3,000 square feet of finished basement or the carriage house with an apartment above it that is next to the ‘main house’. We saw pictures, and it was like nothing I’ve ever seen ‘real’ people live it….seriously – INSANE.

After hanging out there for a while, I left Jim and headed into Boston to meet up with some softball friends who were celebrating one of our friend’s birthdays. It was great to see them all, and of course, we had fun.

On Sunday, I stayed home from church in order to recover from my Saturday night (clearly, I’m no longer 25) and when Jim came home from church we went grocery shopping, ran some errands and relaxed a bit. We were in bed by 9…..again, NOT 25….and slept like a rock. :-)

Tonight I have rehearsal for RENT and I think we might have the full cast there for the first time. Maybe. That may not be entirely true, since I think there might be one role that has yet to be cast….we shall see!

Have a very happy Monday…….

P.S. - RG you're totally right - Dad is being discharged today. A day earlier than anticipated. :-)

Here's a picture from Saturday night....good times.


Amy said...

Big crazy families.....gotta love 'em. (My Big Fat Greek Wedding

Ur-spo said...

I enjoy your postings
good luck with Rent
what a handsome photo!

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