Thursday, January 28, 2010

Almost time for lunch...


Not too much to report on this end…..Jim and I had a nice and relaxing evening at home last night, which was a nice change.
I got home from work, took Scooter outside for a little while and then I did my ‘Biggest Loser’ workout for the day.

After that, I showered and headed out to get my hair 'done'. Yes, I still pay someone to cut my hair….although that may have been my last appointment. I really can’t justify paying someone to do what I could EASILY do myself at home (famous last words…we shall see).
Anyway…I got home from getting clipped and Jim was just finishing up his workout. When he was done, he showered and then we made dinner together (Awwwww).

We made Szechuan Noodles and they were AMAZING. We’ve made them before and in fact, I’m pretty sure I’ve talked about them on here, but either way – they were very yummy.
Thank you to Ina Garten for putting that recipe out there…..”How easy is that?”

After dinner I did the dishes and then we went into the hot tub for a bit. It was so nice.
The moon was almost full, so the yard was very bright – and the lights in the hot tub itself were on, so it created a very cool ‘look’.
Aside from the fact that the hot tub itself is always nice to sit in, last night was a great night for it.

We stayed in there for a bit, went inside and watched ‘The Biggest Loser’ episode from Tuesday night and then went to bed.
It was a very nice ‘family night’ at home.

Tonight we’re going to dinner at Jim’s brother’s family’s house for a little ‘goodbye dinner’ since Jim’s parents are taking off for Florida for the month of February. They have some friends who are down there and while they’re down there, they’re going to visit my dad and Betty as well. I’m sure my dad will be SO happy to see them, since he’s been stuck at home since having the surgery. They were originally planning to get together for golf, but they’ll have to settle for a ‘home visit’ or possible a lunch date….we’ll see!!

Have a great day everyone!!!!!

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Ur-spo said...

I love to sit in a hot tub and look at the night sky.
And I love noodles; so invite me over whydon'tca.