Monday, January 11, 2010


Well, we FINALLY finished the family profile!!!
Tonight we're going to review all SIXTY-THREE pages (Sweet Jesus) and then the plan is to send it off to our 'leaders' tomorrow.
Writing it has been such a roller-coaster of emotions, it's insane. I know it's all worth it in the end, but it was not as easy thing to get through.

Other than that, Jim and I had a very calm weekend.

Friday night we had Melissa and Joanne over for dinner (take out) and that was a whole lot of fun. We chatted, ate some yummy Thai food and then Joanne brought out 'Just Dance' for Wii.
I highly recommend it....SO MUCH FUN.
Unlike 'Dance Dance Revolution', 'Just Dance' isn't played using a mat, just the Wii remote. It was a total blast and quite a workout as well.

On Saturday, Jim and I devoted the entire day/night to working on the family profile. While I was working on it, Jim was doing stuff around the house. Early in the afternoon we took a lunch break and then went back to work. I was on the computer and he continued his 'chores'. After I was D-O-N-E (not with the entire thing, but emotionally drained) we switched and Jim took over.
After a few hours, we decided that completing it that night wasn't going to happen, so we packed it in and went out to 'The Grille' for dinner.
Shortly after we ordered, Jim's parents walked in, so we moved over to the other side of the bar and sat with them. They had taken Jim's sister out to dinner for her birthday and were stopping in for a quick drink on their way home. They only stayed for one drink and then they left. Jim and I left soon after them, went home, watched TV and then went to bed.

Sunday morning, we got up early and went grocery shopping. After shopping, we came home and Jim made an AWESOME (and healthy) breakfast. After breakfast we enjoyed a couple of 'skim lattes' - made by my personal Latte Boy, Jim. ;-) They were SOOO good.
After showering and watching TV, we took off for the afternoon and didn't get home until the early evening - I'll talk about our afternoon at a later time - deal with it :-).
We got home, had a delicious dinner (couscous with chicken and broccoli) and while Jim finished up his portion of the profile, I watched the boob tube and got everything ready for today.

I got into work first thing this morning and began finishing my portion of the profile.
And that brings me to the present. :-)
I'm enjoying my morning oatmeal whilst (love that word) I type.

Have a great day - and stay warm if you're in one of the many frigid parts of the globe.



Nik_TheGreek said...

Congratulations on finishing it...
Good luck with revisiting it though (because of its size)...
Make sure you proof read it thoroughly...

RG said...

Spelling counts!