Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The beard stays!

Recently, I was going back and forth about my beard and whether or not it has overstayed its welcome. You see, Jim recently got rid of his, and I couldn't help but notice how ADORABLE and young it made him look.
After seeing him, I was like "I want to look young again!" and thought about shaving it off. However, I quickly realized that I was just cast in a show and really shouldn't do anything without chatting with the 'powers that be' first. Well, as it turns out, they want the beard to stay for the show. Good thing I'm so incredibly smart. ;-)
It totally makes sense though, since I'm playing a few older characters as well as one of the recurring 'Homeless Men' (Christmas bells are riiiinging!!) throughout the evening. The show will be over mid-April, so if I decide to lose the beard at that point, I certainly can.

Last night's rehearsal was GREAT. We learned some more music and then sang from the top of the show (December 24th, 9pm...) up through 'Will I' - which we also staged. Everything sounded SOOOO good....EXCITING!!!!

After rehearsal, when I was turning into our driveway, some ASS-FACE almost killed me. Jim and I live on a very main street and I was taking a left turn into our driveway. There was a guy coming toward me on the other side of the street, but he was pretty far away, so I had PLENTY of time to make the turn safely into our driveway. That was before I realized the guy was going faster than a speeding bullet. As I turned into the driveway, for whatever reason, the guy decided to step on it and came flying down the road. CRAZY!!!
As soon as I pulled into the driveway, I saw the flashing blue lights of the cruiser who was pulling the s.o.b. over right in front of the house next door to us.
Take THAT, Missy!!!

Well that's all for today.
I spoke with my dad yesterday afternoon. He's back in his condo, and in spite of being in some pain, he's resting comfortably. He sounded very happy to be home and seems to be doing well.

Happy Tuesday everyone!!!

PS - MAPPP class #7 tonight....

I'll have to wait until April.


Bear Me Out said...

Handsome you are, either way. But the beard is sooooo hot. But then, I AM a bear.

Amy said...

Don't you just love it when the cops are in the right place at the right time?!

Dyl said...

I'm biased towards the beard. But hey ;-)

Bigg said...

Savor the 'cops being there when you want them' moment - it probably won't happen again for a decade or so.

Ur-spo said...

you mustn't ask me about whiskers - by and crackers for them, and have yet to see a man look worse for them. my vote - THE BEARD!

wozzel said...

either way it works :)