Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wonderful Wednesday

It's Hump Day!

Happy Wednesday to you all.
I’m feeling much better than the last time I wrote. :-)
All my softball aches and pains have disappeared and I’m feeling right as rain!!!

I really have nothing exciting to report, other than the fact that I finally have an actual project to test at work!
It was nice to have the day fly by yesterday, as opposed to the recent days that have crawled by, while I struggled to keep myself busy.

My co-worker Kelly has this entire week off so I’ve been ‘flying solo’ at work as far as lunch is concerned. It’s been very nice. The weather has been BEAUTIFUL so I’ve been taking a daily walk around the previously blogged about fancy neighborhood all by myself.

Don’t get me wrong – I certainly enjoy her company, but it’s been quite nice to take some time alone in the middle of the day to relax and clear my head of work as well as all those other things that may be taking up unnecessary space up there. :-)

Last night, one of my college friends met up with Jim and I for dinner, which was fun.

He and I talk all the time, but we haven’t seen each other in a couple of years. It was nice to see him again. He came over to see the house, and then we headed to dinner.
The last (and first) time he saw it, we had JUST moved in – so needless to say it was VERY different than the last time he saw it.
He’s currently directing ‘Footloose: The Musical’ for a summer theatre program just outside of Boston and then he takes off to direct/choreograph ‘Annie’ at a theatre in Hawaii that a college friend of ours manages!! Seriously….Hawaii. Not a bad job, huh?

That’s all the ‘exciting’ news I have to report…..have a great day!!!!


Annie in Hawaii????

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cb said...

It's a hard knock life, for him.