Thursday, July 2, 2009

Sally the Salamander Comes to Town...

I know it may seem like I’ve been endlessly complaining about the weather lately, but it’s really getting ridiculous around here.
Since I’ve been working in my new location, there hasn’t been ONE DAY that I’ve been able to drive here without putting on my windshield wipers.
Every day has been rainy and cold….and for the brief moments that it’s not raining, it’s still completely overcast and dreary.
I just want a little sun or at the very least, I want it to be warmer.
We’re supposed to have rain all day today and then things are apparently going to get better for the weekend.
That would be ideal – and make me very happy. We shall see!

I just received a picture this morning from my friend Nancy that I’m going to share with you all. It was from the get together we had last Tuesday night when my friend Neil flew up from Florida and we all got together. I was just talking with a co-worker yesterday about the fact that I've known Nancy and Amy for almost 20 years!!!

That is seriously crazy....and Neil I've known for all my life....which is even scarier. :-)

This the picture…..from left to right: Nancy, Me, Amy, and Neil…..YAY!!!!

Last night Jim and randomly decided to go to The Grille for dinner and it’s a good thing we did! As it turns out, today begins their yearly summer vacation so they won’t be open again until July 15th!

I have no idea how we’ll make it through the next 13 days without a ’Grille trip’...but I suppose we’ll have to manage.

When we got home, I was putting out the trash for the week and came upon a salamander in the basement. I’ve seen one down there before, but as soon as I saw it last time, it scurried back into the wall. Since we have such an old house, the foundation is pretty much just a glorified (reinforced) rock wall.

Similar to this (not our actual basement) :

Don’t worry, it’s safe, sturdy and secure, but there are certainly plenty of ‘hiding places’ in there.
This time, I wasn’t about to let the little bugger escape, so I grabbed a container out of the recycling bin, as well as a piece of cardboard and began the hunt. Meanwhile, Jim is at the top of the cellar stairs screaming bloody murder because he doesn’t want to see it, but wants it out of the house.
I managed to capture it easily, threw the cover on the container and then started heading out to the backyard. Jim continued his tirade because I was walking through the house with it (as opposed to going out through the cellar) so I could deposit it in the backyard…keep in mind that it’s only about 5 inches long and in a CLOSED container.
At this point, I’m now laughing at Jim who’s yelling “Oh my God….don’t walk it through the house!!!! Why didn’t you go out through the bulkhead?!?? Bring it out back….WAY out back!!!!”
Suffice it to say, I walked to the FAR end of our yard and threw the poor thing Into the Woods (thank you, Broadway) where I’m sure it was much happier.
I know that Jim was thrilled to see it go. I tried to show him a picture of what it looked like, but he wouldn’t look. For those of you who are wondering – this is what it looked like.

Harmless, right??

Well my friends, it is Thursday morning and since I have tomorrow off – I can’t guarantee that I’m going to be contributing to the blog world tomorrow.
It’s certainly a possibility, so keep your eyes open for an out-of-the-ordinary post from home.

Happy Day!!


cb said...

Salamanders are pretty cool actually. I'm glad you didn't kill it

Julie said...

I get these in the pool...more towards the fall. Supposedly, they are a protected species! Not supposed to interfere with their mating grounds! At least, in my crazy town!

RG said...

So, let me see if I get this correctly, YOU'RE the one who captured the reptilian critter and JIM is the one who stood at the top of the basement stairs screaming like a little girl? YOU'RE the butch one? Bwaaaa-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha

RG said...

And, one more thing - If I don't see the sun pretty soon, I'm going to snap.

Amy said...

1). I will trade you weather. You can have my 100something temps. I love love love rain.

2). I'm with Jim. Lizards make me cry. Like...seriously....I will be all la la la and then freak the hell out if I see a lizard.