Monday, July 13, 2009

I need an Anacin!!!

Good Lord, I feel like I’ve been hit by a bus.

Thankfully, it’s from playing 4 softball games in two days and not from being hung over.

The weekend was GREAT.
Friday night, Jim and I went out to dinner and then stayed in for the rest of the night. We lit a fire by the pool, had a few drinks (OK, a lot more than a few) and once the fire died down, we moved things into the screened in porch and spent the rest of the evening playing Skip-Bo and Yahtzee!
It was so much fun. It’s always nice to just spend time at home relaxing and having fun.

Saturday we got up, hung around the house for a bit and then headed into Cambridge for my two games. We lost the first game and won the second, so we were VERY happy. The win was against a team that had beaten us both times we played them before (the last time we played them, they beat us 2-1…I wrote about it before…not happy) so it was a very nice win.
After the games, Jim and I headed home and went grocery shopping (exciting Saturday night!) and then I proceeded to make Whoopie Pies!!!
As you know, I am NOT a baker, or a cook for that matter :-)…..but they ended up coming out pretty damn good!

Sunday morning we got up and I had to take off extra early for my final 2 games, so I didn’t get to do much ‘Sunday morning lounging’.
We had another exciting day on the fields, and even though we lost our first game – we handily won the second.
Our final game of the season was a 9-2 victory over a team that had previously CRUSHED us the first 2 times we played them.
We couldn’t have asked for a better way to end the season.
Karen, Barrie and Ben came to see a part of the first game, which was very exciting. It’s always fun to have visitors, especially people who haven’t been before. Ben had a great time running around, playing – and even met a couple of Guatemalan brothers whose dad plays in the league as well.
The three of them were VERY cute together.

After the games, I headed over to my friend Matt’s place for a birthday BBQ that was being thrown for one of his roommates (that’s where the whoopie pies come in). We had a really good time (the whoopie pies were a hit!!) and it was the PERFECT way to finish up the softball season.

Happy Monday to you all……I’m going to go ice myself. :-)

Here are a few pictures….tip of the hat to Barrie (shocking, I know – me ‘stealing’ pictures)

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Ha. Ha. You're old. :)