Monday, July 6, 2009

Another holiday come and gone.....

First off, let me once again give a big old post-4th of July tip of the hat to Barrie for letting me swipe photos from her blog to post on my blog.

Seriously...she has a super-duper, fancy-pants camera and not only does it take phenomenal pictures, but she’s puts them on her blog so fast it’s like they’re Polaroids fresh from the fish tank!
As most of you know, any pictures that I take generally don’t show up on my blog until a week or so after the occasion they were taken at. I’m so bad at getting them off the computer and onto my blog, it’s silly.
Whatever….as long as there are pictures to make my entries more interesting, you should be happy. Not to mention the fact that her pictures are SO much better than mine anyway…..

This weekend was super-fun.

On Friday night, Jim and I met up with my friend Dermot who was here from Dublin for the weekend. He and his friend...who's name I can NOT began with a G, and was very was she....but it was a name I've never heard of before.

Anyway, it was SOOO much fun seeing him. It’s been a really long time since we’ve seen each other and we had a great time catching up on what we've been up to since we last saw one another. I told him that I would be writing about him in my blog, and he didn’t seem to think that my life was interesting enough to read about on a daily basis. Can you IMAGINE?!?!
I’m totally calling him on that right now. I’m planning on sending him a link to it, and I bet he’ll find himself addicted before he knows it. :-)

We spent the day on Saturday at our friend Julie’s house with a great group of friends.….many of which we hadn’t seen in a while….it was a really fun time, and one of the first days we've seen the sun in a you know from my endless bitching.

Yesterday was a picture-perfect day (even better than Saturday) and in spite of the fact that the plunger on our pool filter broke(Annoying!!), Jim and I spent a very relaxing day out in the sun lounging by the pool. It was so nice to not have to be anywhere and just have the day to relax and enjoy the house and yard.

Last night we met up with some more friends to watch fireworks…it was an excellent way to end the week.

The weather has improved 100% and I was very happy to make my first commute to the new building with the sun shining!!!
Jim is taking our niece Molly to Six Flags today – so while I’m toiling away at work….he’ll be enjoying his ‘extended’ 4th of July weekend. Jealous.

Here are a bunch of pictures from the weekend…..thanks Barrie!!!!!

P.S. - Dermot's friend's name is Grainne. I was unable to pronounce it correctly...but it was a very pretty sounding name...when they said it. :-)

The GANG!!!

A very serious moment with Benjamin

Jim, ready to swim

John and Christine

Nice flag.

Melissa, Jim, and I

Ben and I having fun with Gabby

A blue dolphin!!! They're apparently MUCH cheaper than the pink ones..... :-)

A hug for Jim.

Heading home!!!

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Anonymous said...

It is pronounced Grahh-nnyahh.


Random, I know...LOL