Monday, July 20, 2009

Monday, Monday, Monday...

This weekend was spent by the pool!!!
I think that I spent more time at the pool this weekend than I have since we bought the house.
The weather was perfect, the company was perfect and even the water was perfect!!!

We got up early on Saturday and while Jim mowed the lawn, I went into the herb garden and got that under control. Mind you, I had NO idea what I was doing, but there I was , a few Google searches later – out in the garden clipping, cutting back, and harvesting our herbs. I must say that I was impressed with myself. We now have a whole bunch of fresh herbs ready for the choppin’!!! Jim already used some of them in the American Chop Suey he made yesterday afternoon and those Food Network people are right….fresh herbs make a HUGE difference.

Both Saturday and Sunday afternoons were spent by the pool, with various family members stopping by for a visit.
First we had Jim’s brother, his wife and their daughter….then we added to that group his oldest sister, her husband, and their three kids….followed by his other sister who brought the grand total to 11 people.
We ended up ordering pizzas for dinner, and after eating, the kids swam a bit more. Do kids ever get tired of swimming?!?!? Apparently they don’t.
After a while, they all headed home, leaving Jim and I to spend the rest of the night on the back porch, drinking and playing games (Skip-Bo and Yahtzee….of course).
Good times.

Sunday morning we got up and actually went to church. Yes….you read that right…we went to church. I can’t remember the last time I set foot in a church for something other than a wedding or a funeral, but I must admit, it wasn’t bad at all.
There’s a very nice little Episcopal church down the street from us that Jim went to ‘investigate’ last weekend and this weekend I said I would join him.
It was quite nice. The building itself is a cute little thing, and it was nice to feel welcome in a church and not like I was instantly going to hell for walking through the door. The sermon that day was all about not ‘putting up walls’ and realizing that we’re all ‘brothers in Christ’. It was the only time in my life that I’ve heard the word gay mentioned in church…..and in a positive way no less! I was thrilled and TOTALLY shocked.
After church we headed home, had breakfast, went grocery shopping and then ‘retired’ to the pool area once again. Around 3pm we headed to the Cape to visit with Jim’s parents. We spent the evening with them (and the rest of Jim’s family) playing games, eating dinner, and eventually we dragged our exhausted selves home.
Unfortunately, we got stuck in some traffic, but we didn’t end up getting home too late.

So…that brings me to Monday morning….sitting at work battling my allergies.
At least I HOPE they’re allergies. If I have a cold, I’m going to be irate.

Two quick ‘shout outs’ before I go. One goes to faithful blog reader Joanne who has an EXTREMELY painful bulging disc in her back (doesn’t it just SOUND like it should hurt?!?!?).
Hopefully, she'll be feeling better soon.
And the second 'shout out' (aren't I hip?!?!?) one goes to all of the folks who are starting tech week this week for ‘The Music Man’.
I’m sure you’ll have a bit of a stressful week(for those of you who don't do weeks tend to be a bit stressful), but it will all be worth it in the end!!!!!
Just keep telling yourself that…. :-) :-)

Happy Monday!!!!


RG said...

I'm so hating you and your pool right now. LOL

Julie said...

Thanks, John, for the "Music Man" shout-out! Much appreciated!

cb said...

Just to warn you, joining a church really cuts into sleeping in on Sundays.

AJohnP said...

Believe me...I've already thought of that.
Being hung over in church on a Sunday morning is NOT I hear. ;-)