Thursday, July 9, 2009


Tonight is my final softball practice of the year. (Boo-Hoo, YAY!!, I’m sad, Hooray!!!)
Can you tell I’m having some conflicting feelings???
I’m more happy than sad, mostly because I’m ready to have all my weekends free (Romance, Romance anyone?) and I know that I’ll be seeing all my softball friends time and again throughout the summer.
Even though the season is ending, the fun will surely continue.

Anyway – I’ve been adjusting quite well to this new schedule of mine.
Getting home a little after 4pm every day is N-I-C-E!!!
For example, yesterday I got home from work, changed, threw in a couple loads of laundry, checked my email, and had dinner ready to go when Jim got home. What?!?!?

I certainly miss the freedom to wander around the mall during/after lunch, as well as the lovely lunchtime walks I used to take around Boston's South End, but I’m getting used to the new location.
My co-worker, Kelly and I went for a walk during lunch on Monday just to check out the area. Since it was the only decent day we’ve had since moving here we thought we should take full advantage of the situation. There are definitely places to walk around here, but it is an office park so you can imagine how thrilling it is.
Hey, at least it’s a chance to get away from our desks and to get some fresh air.

All sorts of fun and exciting things are coming up in the next week or so. I have my final 4 games this weekend, followed by a friend’s B-day BBQ after the games on Sunday evening, my friend Brian (from college) is coming down for a visit on Tuesday night, Jim and I are going to a PawSox game on Thursday night and I JUST found out that one of my forever best friends (who currently lives just outside of L.A.) is going to be in the area on Monday.
Hopefully things will work out and we can meet up for a drink.

That’s all for now….here’s a picture from last Friday night when Jim and I went out with my Dublin friend Dermot and his friend Grainne.

Happy Thursday!!!!


Jim said...

So how will you be filling all your free time on the weekends?

Friends in Dallas wanted me to join their team but they play al spring and summer! That was too long for me.

RG said...

My God John - I've never noticed before, but you have a GINORMOUS head! LOL

Free time? What the hell is that?

AJohnP said...

I do NOT have a big head!!!
I totally blame it on the picture.

As for free time, we're trying to clean out and re-organze our spare room, as well as (hopefully) getting away a weekend or two.