Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Softball Talk

It would seem that the softball league that I'm a part of is headed for some very positive changes!

I know….I never thought I’d be saying (or writing) those words either.

All year long I’ve been a member of what’s known as the ‘Advisory Committee’ for the league. Basically it’s a small group (about 14 people) of league members who get together with the league officers each month. We meet and discuss the agenda for the upcoming Executive Committee meeting, with the main goal being that we sort out any potential issues and deal with them before they go before the larger body (about 28 people – one representative from each team + the four elected officers).
One of the recommendations that we’ve come up with is that the league needs to have more elected officers. As it is right now, we have a Commissioner, an Assistant Commissioner, a Secretary, and a Treasurer. That worked out well when there were 80 people in the league, but we currently have 432 people in the league and let’s face it – more people in the league means more work for everyone in charge.

Long story short (TOO LATE!!!) we made the recommendation at last night’s meeting that the league add two new elected officer positions and the Executive Committee approved our recommendation. Now it can go before the general membership (all the players in the entire league) and they can vote on it.
The assumption is that the Executive Committee members will go back to their teammates and make sure they vote yes on the question so we can elect people into these two new positions at the banquet in September.
I realize that this probably doesn’t mean a lot to most of you, but the bottom line is this - this softball league tends to be a bit political at times and unfortunately that sometimes creates a negative atmosphere behind the scenes, so it’s very encouraging to see things moving in a positive direction.
The fact that I was a small part of those (potentially) positive changes makes me extremely happy.

Of course, because softball = beer, I was out way too late celebrating our ‘mini victory’ and now I’m exhausted.
But whatever – I’ll bounce back soon enough!

Have a great day folks and thank you for once again listening to my softball ranting and raving.

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RG said...

Thank the FSM for more officers. Seriously, Mama Kitty can only take care of so many things!