Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Scooter made a friend....

See what I miss when I'm at work all day and Jim has a day off?

Barrie stopped by with Ben and met Scooter for the first time.

When Scooter meets someone for the first time, he gets very excited and stands on his hind legs to say hello. This isn't usually an issue because most of the people he meets are adults, and he comes up to about their knees.

Since Ben is NOT and adult....the results were a bit different. Scooter was pretty much resting on Ben's shoulders and saying 'Hello!' that way.

After a short time, Scooter calmed down and the two of them had a great time playing.

According to Jim, when B and {b} left, Scooter sat at the window and cried. :-)

Here are a few pictures...thanks B!!!

"Getting to know you......"

Playing 'chase' with Scooter....one of his FAVORITE games

Neighborhood watch...

Lifeguard on duty....


Amy said...

Can you hear me squealing?! AURGH.....THE CUTENESS!

RG said...

Thanks for the daily dose of cute. Now where did I put my insulin? LOL