Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Happy Wednesday my friends!

I don't have a heck of a lot to say today, but I thought it would be rude of me to let another day go by 'post-less'. :-)

Although the softball season is officially over, my softball 'duties' have yet to be completed. I had an advisory committee meeting last night that was very stressful. Stressful, yet productive. So much so that people were yelling and not necessarily on their best behavior (putting it mildly).
I don't do well in those situations. I tend to just sit back, keep my mouth shut and observe from a safe distance. It was pretty intense, let me say that much. Yikes.
After all was said and done (three hours later) I left there completely exhausted, but with a sense of accomplishment....which is always nice.
The good news is, I don't have anything going on tonight. I have a team meeting on Thursday night (which will be fun) and yet another softball meeting NEXT Tuesday...which may not be all that much fun.
I'm seeing these people more now than I did during the season!!

Jim and I have some friends coming into town for a visit on Friday night, which is exciting. They're in the area for a wedding on Saturday, but we'll get to hang with them on Friday...that should be fun.

We're also having a yard sale on Saturday morning...and that scares me a little.
I've never had a yard sale before and I'm afraid to see all my cherished items being sold.
And by cherished items I mean all my Disney movies on VHS and Original Broadway Cast Recordings on cassette. :-)
It'll be tough to see them go, but it's certainly better than throwing them out. At least this way we could potentially make some money and possibly add to some future show queen's musical collection.
I know that if I had shown up at a yard sale when I was a kid and saw the Original Cast Recording of The Apple Tree on cassette I would have screamed with joy (hell, I'd probably scream if I saw it at a yard sale today) - so maybe I can do the same for some unsuspecting passer-by. We also have some electronic stuff that we're selling, like my old stereo (receiver, double cassette deck and CD player) and I really have to see if it's working before I ask someone to pay money for it. I'll probably end up dealing with that tonight. It'll be hard to see it all go, but ultimately it'll be nice to get rid of it all.

That's all I have to say for today.

If any of you are experienced in the wonderful world of yard sales....feel free to offer any comments or advice!!!


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Amy said...

"I don't have much to say on 'I Got Something To Say'..."

That in itself was worth the post. LOL