Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Where Have I Been???

Let me just say that this is my second attempt at writing this entry. The first one was just about finished when I accidentally did something and it disappeared entirely.
Excellent way to start the day.

Sooooo - as I was saying......

I can't believe I haven't written since Friday!!!
I had no idea it had been that long, but clearly that's the case.

Monday was a super busy day at work, and yesterday I spent the day working at a different building, so my 'free time' was limited.
But, here I am today, at my very own desk - making up for lost time.

We survived 6 shows in 5 days and had a great time doing it. The audiences seemed very happy with the shows and I have to say - we were giving them something to be happy about!!
The entire cast and crew have really been giving it their all for this entire run.

My sister saw the show on Friday night, Jim's entire family came to see it on Sunday and a whole gang of my softball teammates came to the Saturday afternoon show. We were kind of nervous about it, but everyone seemed to have a good time and it was great seeing everyone.

Monday night, Jim and I had his parents, sister and 2 nieces over for dinner (delicious and fun) and then last night, a gang of us went over to K, B, and baby {b}'s place for food/snacks/ice cream and American Idol. (more deliciousness and fun - but this time with music!)

Oh - before I forget - a big, fat CONGRATULATIONS goes out to our friends (and faithful blog readers) G, M, and M on the arrival of their 4th family member. It's a boy!!! Of course, I'm not 100% sure of his name, so I'm not going to throw random guesses around. What I do know is that he's happy, healthy, and in spite of arriving a bit ahead of schedule, he's weighing in at a good 6+ pounds!!!! Mom (M) is doing well and everyone is very excited to meet him. I'll keep my eye out for pictures and report back with more specifics once I have that information. (post those pictures G!!!!)

Since I'm back at my own desk (There's no place like home...) I've got some stuff that needs doin' so I'm taking off.
Have a GREAT Wednesday, and Happy Passover (do you wish people Happy Passover??) to all those who are celebrating.

Note to self: read up on Passover and find out if it's a happy holiday or not.

Here are some pictures (THANKS B!!!) from 'Idol Night' :

The Gang

Baby {b} asking me to try on E's necklace

Ollie and John (she's adorable!!!)

Lucy, John, and Ollie

Spooning with Lucy (don't tell Scooter!!!)

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