Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Idol Thoughts

K and B were kind enough to host yet another 'American Idol Night' at their lovely home last night.
In spite of some 'rocky' performances, 'Disco Night' was quite entertaining.
I haven't watched every episode, so I'm FAR from being an AI authority - but I'm not quite on the Adam Lambert bandwagon.....YET! He's clearly got a great voice, and he's certainly comfortable performing in front of a bazillion people, but in the performances I've seen - he just doesn't 'do it' for me. I've promised all my friends who are Lambert fans (especially Julie!!) that I'll go on YouTube, watch all his past performances and give him a chance. I'm hoping to come across something a little lower (he sounds like a woman every time I've seen him) and a little more upbeat (all the performances I've seen so far have been SOOOO slow and dramatic).
I'll be sure to report back and let you know. :-)

Here are some photos that I swiped from B - ENJOY!!!!

Some of the AI Fans getting ready to watch:


Not quite 'candid'


"I'm going to kiss you...."



Ben - in search of Jim.....


Scooter was not at all happy about this....

Let us out!!!


Now go celebrate Earth Day and plant a tree!!!! :-)


Stephen Rader said...

Could you possibly be ANY cuter than you are when you're asking to be let out? So cute.

Now that you've told me to plant a tree for Earth Day, I've got to find my recording of Judy Garland singing "I'll Plant My Own Tree."

I know. I'm fibbing. I don't have to "find it." It's on my friggin' iPod. Cued up. :)

cb said...

Adam is screechy and gayer than a unicorn fart. He should be in "bad 80's hair band idol".

If you start liking him, I'll stop reading your blog.

No pressure though.

RookieRuggerLSU said...

I LOVE the photo of you and the dogs ... I have to say tho - I am surprised that the little gate holds the big guy in there. Mine would just jump over.

RG said...

You know, AI jumped the shark about 4 years ago. Why are you watching that show at all?

Oh, and you're cute, blah, blah, blah :)

Julie said...

"All I am saying, is give Adam a chance"...(sung to the tune of the John Lennon classic)...