Thursday, April 9, 2009

Faux Friday

Since I have tomorrow off, I'm referring to today as 'Faux Friday'.

It is E-M-P-T-Y in my office today. I'm literally one of 7 people that are in here right now. Granted, it's only 9am - but it's usually a lot more crowded in here at this time of day.
I think that several folks are working from home and those who aren't, are working out of the other offices. (similar to what I did on Tuesday)
Either is VERY quiet here.

So - quick'll recall that I was completely ignored last week when a 'certain someone' came to see the show?? Well, that 'certain someone' came back and saw the show last night and was one of the first people to 'chat me up' after last night's performance. He was full of compliments and lots of very nice things to say.
All is forgiven. :-)
He did mention that he saw the show last week and didn't get to talk to me afterwards - so apparently he didn't see me after all.
Either that.....or he's reading my blog and knew better than to ignore me again.

I'm very excited about having tomorrow off. The weather isn't supposed to be all that great, so I think I may start my picture scanning 'project'. I have a TON of pictures that I want to scan and share with the world. I have some great pictures from growing up, and I really want to scan them so that I can send them off to my sisters and other family members. We don't have a ton of pictures of my mom, and those I do have are in photo albums - so scanning them would allow me to share them all. Not to mention the fact that I have next to NO albums on facebook and I know people are DYING to see pictures of me as an awkward teen.
Believe me....there are some GEMS that you don't want to miss.
Hopefully, I can get things underway and start scanning!!!

Have a great weekend (if I don't write again before Monday) and enjoy your day off tomorrow....assuming you have tomorrow off. If not, have a happy 'real' Friday!! :-)


Jim Sullivan said...

It will be nice to have you home with me and Scooter!

AJohnP said...

I can't even wait...

cb said...

I got a half day off on Friday and thanked Judas I got even THAT much.