Friday, April 24, 2009

'F' is for Friday!

Happy Friday Y'all!!!

Busy, busy weekend coming up!
Jim and I are taking off EARLY tomorrow morning and heading to Canastota, New York.
I know, I've never heard of it either. According to the map, it looks like it's fairly close to Syracuse, which means that we're in for a 5 hour ride. Good times.
Jim and I have no problem being together in the car that long, as long as we agree beforehand on the music that we're going to be listening to. I'll make sure that we have a 'music plan' in place before we leave.
I'm sure no one would be surprised to hear that I could listen to nothing but musical theatre for the entire ride - but Jim would probably throw himself under a passing semi if that were the case. However, Jim would be in heaven listening to nothing but Tina Turner the entire time, which would send me into fits of hysteria. Thankfully, after almost 13 years together, we're good at compromise. Chances are we'll end up either listening to a 'we play it all' type of radio station, with a few Broadway show Cd's that we can both enjoy. :-)

The reason we're going to this random corner of New York is that one of the guys I went to college with is turning 40, and his lovely wife is throwing him a surprise birthday party. I'm fairly certain that he has no idea this blog even exists, which is why I feel safe talking about it on here....however....JP - if I'm wrong, and you're reading this PLEASE pretend that you're surprised, and I'm wicked sorry I ruined your party.

Anyway....I'm very much looking forward to getting away for the night - and seeing some friends I haven't seen in a long time. Of course, I really have no idea who will be there. It's one of those things where Jim and I were invited, but I haven't asked anyone else about it. The last thing I wanted to do is ask someone if they're going to the party and be met with a blank look followed by them saying:
"Party??? I didn't know anything about a surprise party...."
Awkward silence......
Hopefully I'll have nothing to worry about and there will be SCADS of people I know there. If not, I'll be forced to be social and make some new friends. I'm kind of good at that, so either way I'm sure I'll be fine.
Scooter is going to be having a sleepover (that's what we crazy dog people call it) with his friends at Classie Canines, where he goes to doggie day care. He loves staying there over night.
He plays all day long, collapses for the night and then wakes up to more play time. HEAVEN.
That also guarantees that he'll be exhausted for the next couple of days at home, which is always a good thing.

OK - I'm going to get busy now. I'm talking about work, people....kindly remove your minds from the gutter. Of course, I'm the one who thought it first....

One last thing...I'm currently reading the book "Under The Banner Of Heaven: A Story of Violent Faith" written by Jon Krakauer and I'm LOVING it. It's a true story about a mother and daughter who were murdered back in 1984. Their murderers (two brothers) apparently believed they were ordered by God to commit the murders. It's all about Fundamentalist Mormons and I'm finding it completely fascinating. So, so good.

Have a great weekend everyone!!!
To all the Boston-area readers, get outside and enjoy the warm weather that's due to FINALLY arrive this weekend!


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