Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A Side Of Me you Rarely See (hooray for rhyming!!)

Hypothetical situation….

A school pays to get the rights to do a musical.
This musical will be performed by students in grades 5-8.
The director of the musical makes changes to the script/score.
A ‘disgruntled former employee’ of the school has a grievance against said director.
Disgruntled former employee blows the whistle on the director and informs the rights holder that changes were made to the script/score.
The rights holder begins an investigation into the allegations (which will take 2-3 weeks).
Due to the timing of everything, the school has no choice but to cancel the spring musical.

Whaddaya think????

Yes, it’s totally illegal to change the script/score that you’re renting….but theatres do it ALL THE TIME…..I know, I know it doesn’t make it right.
However, I think the ‘disgruntled former employee’ is a total douche for doing that.

Grow up and fight your own battles, without getting a bunch of 10 – 14 year olds involved.



cb said...

Well, in theory I agree with you.

Unless the director is a huge douche and got the other person fired maliciously. Then I say hooeay for the revenge/karmic aspect of it all.

Plus it teaches kids a valuable lesson-- that life often disappoints you.

AJohnP said...

I keep going back and forth...

The director was TOTALLY wrong for making changes and took a huge risk (clearly) in doing so, but the 'tattler' could have turned the other cheek at least until the show was over.

I don't how I feel about the whole thing...but I DO know that I now have a Saturday night free! ;-)

RG said...

What were the changes? Was it just a word or two, or is it a "Christian" school that practically re-wrote the play?

And I'm with you there - I'm torn. He shouldn't a changed it, but then the disgruntled employee shouldn't be a douche and fuck-up everything for the kids.

By the way, can someone be "gruntled"?

Anonymous said...

Scat is a German game - Himmler used to play it