Friday, February 20, 2009

Wake Up, Little Susie!

I feel like I’ve been hit by a truck.

Apparently when one turns 37, they lose the ability to go out on a week night and still function the following day.

OK...I’m exaggerating a little bit – but I am T-I-R-E-D!!!!

Last night was very fun. We had a very good dinner followed by lots of fun at Fritz.
Don’t you love it when you have an excellent waiter or waitress?
It makes things so much better (Legally Blonde: The Musical reference #132).
The woman that waited on us last night had a great personality, was very attentive, and SO good at her job. I love that.

I realize that this hardly counts as a blog entry, but I’m going to stop writing now.
I'm really hungry and I need to go foraging for breakfast. I may comeback a little bit later and write some more once I wake up - have no fear.

Since I was recently told (by a certain blogger) that I don’t put enough pictures on my blog - here are some pictures.
I know they’re not recent, new or exciting…but they’re pictures.
Now get off my back.

This is our house. This picture was taken shortly after we bought it (2 years ago). Those 2 smaller bushes are long gone, but the two on either side of the front door remain.

This is another view of the this one you can see that the shrubs out front have been removed. :-)

This is our kitchen. It's not exactly my dream kitchen - but I like it....for now. :-)

This is the dining room...the blue isn't that bright 'real life'...for some reason it came out crazy blue in the pictures. Anyway - this is the next room that we're planning on re-doing. We're going to lose the wallpaper, lose the blue, replace that GIANT light with something a tad more appropriate and eventually buy a new dining room set....all in due time. You can't really tell, but there's a beehive oven in there (that's the black square on the left). It's not functional, but it could be if we ever wanted to re-open the fireplace in that room....which isn't a top priority.

This is what we refer to as the 'middle living room'. It's where we have our fish tank, a rocking chair (which Scooter has pretty much claimed) and a's not a room that we hang out in too often, but it's a nice, sunny place to sit and read every now and again....

We also have a den, an office, a larger living room (with a fireplace that we can use) and two bedrooms...but I'll save those pictures for another 'slow' day. :-)

This is the hot tub. Jim has been in it twice since he drained and cleaned it last week - I haven't been in it since last year. I need to change that.

This is our pool. I love it and I want the summer to be here now!!!!!!


RG said...

All these years that I've known you from softball and never ONCE have you invited me for a swim. You are in soooooo much trouble. ;)

Chris G of the Milford G's said...

I don't think you should pave your driveway. Now that I see it, the stones work with the age of your house. Sorry. Authentic antique's a bitch.