Wednesday, February 11, 2009

37 Years ago...

Today is my birthday. YAY!

I'm not a huge birthday celebrator. You know the type; they think that the world should stop in order to acknowledge their existence? And I'm certainly not one of those people who try to keep their birthday a secret and get all mad if people say something about it. I find that kind of irritating, and a little bit weird.

Anyway - I was born at 11:18am in the Boston Lying-In Hospital (strangest name ever).
My mother used to say that I came out just in time for us to both get cleaned up and have lunch!

Random Birthday Fact About John: (may be too much information for some)

I was delivered via c-section - which means I have never in my life made contact or even been NEAR a you-know-what.
And I have no intentions of trying it don't even suggest it!


OK - I'm off to do some work....I hope you all have a great day!!!

Since it's Scooter's second birthday, I'll share some pictures of him that Jim took last year for his first birthday. (you may have seen these before, so if you have, please forgive me)


RG said...

My birthday present to you is give you a day off from blog-snark - Happy Birthday John, with many more to come.

Richard said...

Hey Peaches:

Uncle Richard wishes you the best birthday ever! Many happy returns of the day!!